Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 31 – A Dam Fine Rescue: Infiltrate the Bloodshot Camp

Head forward to the Vending Machines and clear out your inventory. It is going to be a while before you find them again so be ready for that. Head up the stairs to the North and get reach for Psychos and Shielded Nomad Taskmaster.

Head North through the next room and use what you can find to replenish any spent ammo. The next room to the North has a lot of enemies in it. There are a few Nomad Taskmasters with shields, Nomads and Crazed Marauders in the first part of the fight. Once you take out all the Taskmasters then it moves onto the next part. This pits you against whatever force is left from the first part plus a few new Marauders and a Badass Psycho. Fight from the far side of the room and work on each systematically. This fight can be quick given the chance.

With all that settled, move carefully into the next room to the North. You have another Shielded Nomad Taskmaster waiting in there for you to deal with. You will also find a Marauder there. Kill him and then just keep heading to the North.

This is a large room to fight in and you have a few foes in here: Marauders, Nomads and Psychos. Stay close to the entrance initially as the pillars offer a some cover to keep you safe. Wipe out the enemies in front of you. Now, as you move forward you will encounter more foes. Along the Western side will be a Psycho and a Bruiser. On the Eastern side you have a  few marauders. Just press past them and continue to the North.

You have a restocking room then it is into a massive room with a pool in the middle. You will get an ECHO from Jack and from Lilith. Things start simple enough with a Bruiser and a Nomad Torturer on the other side of the pool. There is one Nomad Taskmaster on the same side as you. Still, hang in the tunnel that you are in long enough to take the others out. The reason is simple, you enter into the next area, Satan's Suckhole, and a Badass Psycho will appear to fight you as well who comes with some Crazed marauders who will support him from the other side. Fight through them and do not be afraid to use any of the explosives that are around the room. When the room is clear you can either head around the pool to the East or run over the middle of it and jump the gap. Either way, head up to the West.

On this level things get more intense. You have a number of Bruisers to deal with as well as Marauders and Nomads. Deal with them as best you can. Use what is around but try to keep move of the room's hazards available. On the other side of this fight you have 2 Psychos come running in with Mad Mike.

Mad Mike's Psychos are easy enough to deal with. Worry about him more as he has a Rocket Launcher and is using it against you. If you have an RPG, this is the time to pull it out to fight fire with fire. Use whatever hazards remain nearby Mad Mike to level him quickly so he does not blast you away.

When you beat Mad Mike start to the Northwest and work your way around toward the South. In the first room beyond Satan's Suckhole you will find a small collection of different foes. A crazed marauder, Nomad and Nomad Torturer. As you fight through there will be more Marauders and Torturers added into the fray from the left. Just keep an eye on who is in the fray and blast them all. It takes a little time, but you can get them all.

Head through the room and then start over to the West. Use all the nearby containers to replenish what ammo you can then head to the West. If you want to find some more loot, turn to the South near the lockers and go up the stairs. There you will find a Badass Nomad Torturer. Defeat him and head to the back of the room. Look to the left and you will find a fuse box. If it survived the encounter you can activate it to reveal a hidden treasure room a few rooms back. Go for it if you want to.

With that potentially grabbed continue to the South. You will find yourself facing down a number of different foes again: Crazed Marauders, Nomad Taskmasters and Psychos. There will be a Bruiser and another Nomad later into the the fight as you thin out the initial herd.