Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 30 – Positive Self Image

Talk with Ellie once you have completed the first part of “A Dam Fine Rescue” in The Dust. She will give you this quest to destroy 6 Bandit vehicles and loot their hood ornaments. Head to the South and over to the West into any of the massive search areas. From there just go to town on any bandits that you find. This is a great way to get more practice with vehicle combat.

Spawn a Bandit Technical and use that for this fighting as that is what you will be up against. It is a lot more durable than the Light Runner and its 2 options: Sawblades and Barrel Launcher are more powerful than either of the Light Runner's weapons.

When you have collected all 6 ornaments head back to the Garage. She wants you to string them up around the place. There are a number of places for them and they all have a ghost image of where they go on top of being marked on the map. It is very hard to miss. Once you finish just head back to Ellie to turn it in for your reward.

Reward: 1820 XP, Blue Relic