Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 29 – The Dust Sidequests: Too Close for Missiles

Top Gun references aside this makes for a quick and simple mission or so it would seem. First head for Buzzard camp that is not too far away, only a short drive to the Southwest. Once there you need to break into the camp, shoot down Buzzard pilots, steal volleyballs and pick up gas cans.

Start over on the far Western side of Buzzard camp so you can sweep through it and keep your time in there to a minimum. Still, getting in is no small feat. You must jump into it from one of the overhanging rocks to the Northeast of it. From there start moving over to the West. Head over to the Northwestern corner and down the stairs to find the first volleyball. From there it is time to start to the Southwest going back up the steps. Head forward until you see a large metal beam in front of you. Hop onto that and climb it to reach the next volleyball. Collect that one then run to the South to collect the nearby fuel can. A word of warning: there are a lot of marauders and more than likely at least one Buzzard on you. Fight carefully here as it is surprisingly easy to die. For the Buzzards, find shelter in the hangers and attack them as best you can.

Head to the East from there, going slightly Southward to make it toward the next marker. Be careful as in this next section with the second half of what you are after has Goliath's inside it. Just move carefully and avoid shooting the helmet off unless there are a lot of enemies nearby you do not want to fight. Once the area is clear, head for the next marker to collect a Gas can by a bigger gas container. Collecting that gas can gets another quote from Loggins and unleashes another pair of Buzzards and more Elite and Killer Marauders. Defeat them and start toward the final 2 volleyballs.

The first is found just a little to the Northeast from where you got the last one. You will find it on a lookout post. Head to the West along the buildings to find the path up. Just head over to the Volleyball and claim it. From there just head to the Northeast to find the final volleyball. Grab it then head back up the stairs.

It is time to deal with volleyball net. Approach it and interact with it to start things off. Once the net has been doused in fuel, fire off a round of either explosive or fire-type weaponry to set it aflame. This will get the final wave of bad guys to show themselves.

Rewards: 910 XP, $196, Green SMG or Assault Rifle