Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 28 – A Dam Fine Rescue: Getting into the Bloodshot Camp

Head on up the slope to the South then break to the Southeast toward the marker outside of Frostburn Canyon. This will lead you back to Three Horns – Divide. Get things together that you need by hitting up Sanctuary and go from there. Do some quests to gain a level or two if you would like. Otherwise it is time to start seeking out the next part of this quest.

Head out to Three Horns Valley and then it you want to head for the North from the Happy Pig Motel. Lilith calls in and tells you to head up to the gate and honk your horn. The Bloodshot start to let you in but the leader gets wise and calls you on it. Wait for things to go a little pear shaped then back up and break to the right. From there you will be able to enter into the Dust. This is a massive area so your Light Runner is the best way to get around by a long shot.

Once in the Dust set off to the Northwest toward the marker. It is a short drive to go through but it will get you to Ellie's quickly. One introduction scene later and you can talk with her and learn more about what you need to do to get a different vehicle to get through to the Bloodshots. You need to get 5 bandit vehicle pieces to get on through. Start by getting back into the Light Runner and heading out into the Dust for Vehicle Combat.

Keep close to Ellie's as you can easily wind up in 2 or 3 rounds of fighting without much of a break even the chance. It is best to destroy 1, maybe 2 bandit vehicles a go then retreat back to Ellie's to redeploy the Light Runner and have at it again. Rockets are recommended for their spike damage over the need for the constant fire from a Machine gun.

When you have collected all the different pieces that you need return to Ellie's garage again and talk with her. She will, most likely, be in the garage near the Catch-A-Ride terminal. Talk with her then interact wit the Technical to build it. After that Ellie says that it is time to add it to the Catch-A-Ride system. She will head over to the terminal. Go over there and talk with her as she will be offering a side quest.

Now head back to Three Horns – Valley and from there just head over to the West and get to the gate once more. Honk at it and this time the Bloodshots will let you into their base. Get out of the car and head on in. Once you do then it is time to fight. You have a few marauders and about an equal number of nomads to contend with here for the first wave. Take all of them out and press inwards. As you approach the gate you will need to take down its defender: Bad Maw

Bad Maw:
Bad Maw is a Badass Nomad with a shield that has midgets on it. They are part of the armor though and it is hard to fight Badmaw without doing some damage to them. If you do manage to kill Bad Maw without killing the midgets you will get a reward.

Fight Bad Maw as you would any other shielded Nomad. Throw grenades and use ricochet abilities to work around the shield. Explosive damage is great because the shield does not stop all of it. More than anything just keep moving and do what you can to stay out of Bad Maw's line of fire.

Once you defeat Bad Maw he will drop the key for the bridge. Go over to the left and plug it in to lower it and get inside.