Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 27 – Three Horn Sidequests: In Memoriam

Accept this Quest from Lilith inside the Sanctuary Command Center. She reveals that she faked her death a few years back in our to stop Hyperion from tracking her. The problem here is a dastardly bandit got footage of her in her hideout. You need to track him down and kill him.

Head into the Three Horns – Divide and to the South from the Fast Travel Station. It is very similar to going to Frostburn canyon. Instead of crossing the bridge through look to the North of it and you will see a Beware sign as a gate. Head toward that. There you will find Boll with his Snow Skags. You can either just focus on Boll (and get a reward) or just kill them all, which is a lot easier.

When you do kill Boll he drops a recorder that reveals Hyperion has at least heard his claim and has asked him to put the recordings in 3 different dead drop locations.

ECHO Recorder 1
Start by going to the North across the road over to the first search area. Look up for the Anchor on the ship above. Shoot its hinge ot have it come dropping down. On it you will find the first ECHO recorder. You can clear the nearby area for some loot and XP.

ECHO Recorder 2
Head to the North in the direction of Sanctuary's entrance. You will find the next search zone there. When you get to the Snowbound Crossroads head to the mud flat that is to the South of Sanctuary's entrance. Kill off the skags then head to the Control Valve to the South of the Steam Pump. Interact with it to reveal this ECHO recorder.

ECHO Recorder 3
Head to the South toward the ferry that takes you to the Southern Shelf. Approach through as you would coming from the Frostburn Canyon. From there head to the edge of the ledge above the piping below you. Drop down onto either of the pipes and take it over to the big Dahl chest that is nearby. Loot the chest then look on the structure nearby. You will find the next ECHO Recorder.

Alternatively you can get there by going through Thirty Below and heading over to the left. You will see the pipe structure and climb up it by jumping.

After all that just head back to Sanctuary and turn these in to Lilith to complete the quest.

Reward: $175, 1584 XP, Customizable Head