Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 26 – Frostburn Sidequests: Cult Following: The Enkindling

Accept the mission then talk with Incinerator Clayton to get more details on just what he means by heathens (though the traditional definition offers no reassurance here). It begins simply by have you light 3 marked Fire Effigies. The first is immediately behind you. Arm yourself with a Fire-Type weapon and fire on the Effigy to light it.

Fire Effigy 2
Head over to the East to the next camp, Blisterpus. Look along the Eastern Wall and you will see the second Effigy. If you happen to have a Fire-Type Sniper Rifle, you can snipe it and be done with it. Otherwise you need to get close enough that that weapon can hit.

Fire Effigy 3
Now you have another choice. Head South and West through the caves from Blisterpus yo put yourself in the best path to quickly complete the quest. There are plenty of Nomands, Psychos and Nomad Pyros to deal with. Remember to be using something other than a Fire-Type while fighting. Save the Fire-Type for lighting the effigies. Once you make it through the cave and past the 2 Badass Psychos then head off the bridge and turn to the North when you can. You will be able to see the third Effigy from here. Snipe it/Shoot it and then head to the West along the path from the cave.

The Enkindling
From there head to Ashmouth Camp. Kill those who attack you just to make your life easier. Once there Incinerator Clayton will ask you to pull the nearby lever to start the Enkindling. Lilith will intervene and stop the Enkindling. This leaves you dealing with the Cult that is around you. Just fight them all, focusing on Incinerator Clayton the most to get him out of the way. After that, just head to Sanctuary and see Lilith inside the Command Center to get your shield!

Rewards: 1450 XP, Purple Shield