Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 25 – Frostburn Sidequests: Cult Following

Cult Following: Eternal Flame
Talk to Lilith inside the Command Center. She will offer up this quest, where you need to deal with a cult that Lilith accidentally started. You start with a need to head back into Frostburn canyon and talk with Incinerator Clayton.

Once you are back inside Frostburn Canyon just head to the Northeast from the Fast Travel Station. There you will find Incinerator Clayton without much effort. He is impressed that you managed to enter and return from the Lair of the Firehawk. He asks you to go and burn 5 of his number and return their ashes to him. Equip a Fire-Type Weapon and head over to the marked area.

In this area of Blisterpus Camp you need to kill 5 bandits so that they burn to death. This means work them down with a fire-type weapon then finish them off. If the foe resist fire, use something else on them then finish them with a fire-type weapon. Just finish 5 off with a Fire-Type weapon and they will become the pile of ashes that you are after.

When you have all 5, just head back to Incinerator Clayton. The bandits seem to vanish outside of whatever you were fighting.

Rewards: 967, Green Shield, Green SMG

Cult Following: False Idols
Talk with Incinerator Clayton after you have completed Eternal Flame and chosen your reward. He will ask you to track down this false Demigod, Scorch, and kill him. Head to the South to the right of the Fast Travel Station, going up the nearby slope. At the top you have a whole camp to deal with plus some more Spider Ants. Once you get past the camp and the subsequent nest, it is a short run over to where Scorch is.

Scorch is a Giant Fire Spiderant. This means that Explosives are going to be your best friend in this fight. After that, just keep moving to avoid his fiery aura. He will; also summon a nyumber of smaller fire Spiderants. Ignore the small ones until you need a second wind or Scorch goes down, whichever comes first.

Rewards: 1450, $62, Green Assault Rifle or Shield

Cult Following: Lighting The Match
Once again talk with Incinerator Clayton he will ask you to grab Matchstick from the nearby Outhouse and then bring him to the Southern Shelf and over to Captain Flynt's old boat where you can incinerate him in the jaws of the dragon. Cheery.

Turn to the right and grab Matchstick from the Outhouse. After that, use Fast Travel to quickly get out to the Southern Shelf. This will call for more walking/running than taking the Ferry but it takes less time to get to. From there work your way through the Southern Shelf toward the boat. Head on up through the area until you reach the arena where Captain Flynt is. Defeat him and whoever is around. After that head to the Southwest opposed to the Northeast to reach the marker. When you get to the marked point interact with it to place Matchstick onto the chain and pull the lever to the right to incinerate him. From there just get to a Fast Travel location and visit Incinerator Clayton once again.

Rewards: 967 XP, $62, Green Sniper Rifle