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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 24 – Hunting the Firehawk: The Final Markers
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 12/4/2012
A series of articles covering Borderlands 2. This covers the mission, "Hunting the Firehawk" where the Vault Hunter succeeds in tracking down the Firehawk.

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 24 – Hunting the Firehawk: The Final Markers

Bloodshot Marker 6
Welcome to Ashworth Camp. You are nearly to the Firehawk. When you get here go over to the right onto the balcony that overlooks the camp. If you want to gain an advantage and watch some slaughter, look for the Badass Goliath and shoot his mask off. From there he can take care of most of the camp. Just be careful as he will be very difficult to defeat. Then again, he might not. From this position you can snipe just about everyone in the camp and have plenty of cover to do it too. To the left, where most of the Nomads will be attacking you, aim for the barrels to deal with a few of them easily.. Take advantage of this and wipe the camp out.

Afterward be sure to loot the whole place then continue on to the North and into the Lair of the Firehawk.

Bloodshot Marker 7
Nearly there, one more marker then whatever is at the end will come to light. Move through the lair carefully, initially keeping to the left to avoid the traps from the wall. Things start off tough with a pair of sequential Badass Psychos. One is set up for the trap in the entryway so it will be mostly dead by the time it gets to you. The second suffers much the same fate. Let it be a lesson to you. Head into the cave and through the tunnel. For the first part, keep to the left and look for scorch marks on the ground. These will let you know where the traps are. Once you make it through past the water on the floor and start up the slope, be careful as there is a trap right at the top on ground level. After that break to the left again to avoid the next trap that is above you. Now just get across the next 2 bridges. It is only a little bit farther.

Once across the balance beam that is the final bridge you have one final ceiling-mounting fire trap to deal with. Just get through this part and you will finally find more Vending machines. Clear out your inventory, keeping what you need. Then just head through the cavern you are in and you will meet the Firehawk. Head toward the Bruisers who are in front of you. Do not worry about them killing you, the Firehawk will get them first.

The Firehawk
The Firehawk has her identity revealed: Lilith, one of the four original Vault Hunters. Revive Lilith when she asks you to help her up. After that, head to the North to the marker. There is an Eridium Nugget there that she can use. From there it is time for a massive fight. It is time to pull out the heavy duty weapons and those that do fire damage at last. Nothing here resist it!

This fight consist of 2 waves. Each of them will finish with their respective number of Badass Psychos. For the first wave either you can join Lilith on the Northern platform or you can just keep the fight in the center. Save all the barrels around for now. They are much more useful in the second wave. After a lot of enenmies the first Badass Psycho will reveal himself. Gun him down, maybe using a barrel to get a nice chuck of his health.

After him comes the second wave. Fight on through it, this time closer to the Northern Platform, Lilith is beginning to tire. At the end of it you have 2 Badass Psychos. Be sure to focus on them one at a time to give yourself the best chance. From there just fight your way through them. You have encountered all these enemies before and can best them. Prove it.

When the fight is over, talk with Lilith again and she will ask for another Eridium nugget. After that, she explains some of what is going on. She will also attempt to teleport you out but with no success. Head out of the Firehawk lair and leap down onto the ice near the Fast Travel Station for this region. Time to move on.