Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 23 – Hunting the Firehawk: Frostburn Canyon

Bloodshot Marker 2
Continue to the North through the Spiderant colony. You want to be heading to the Northeast, moving in a clockwise direction from the entrance of the Canyon. This will lead you to Blisterpus Camp. Stay high up on the ice after you get into the area to avoid the worst of the camp's residence. Also from here you are in a good position to deal with said residence. Work your way to the South from there, killing who you can.

It is also here you will encounter another new enemy and a very deadly one: Goliaths. These are calm while they have their iron mask on. Shoot it off and they turn into a Raging Goliath. They will start to indiscriminately kill everything around them. Every so often as they kill they will level up, becoming bigger, stronger and tougher. This presents a major problem for you as you could imagine. Kill these quickly.

Take some time as this camp as it is handy for leveling up and getting loot. In addition to the Goliath you will find Nomads and Burning Psychos as well as potentially a Midget Loot Marauder. Kill him for some very nice drops and lots of cash. When you are ready just work your way to the South toward the next marker.

Bloodshot Marker 3
This will lead you into a Spiderant Colony. These will try to swarm you and tie you down as you head into Blacktoe Canyon. Be sure to snipe the Goliath at a distance to ensure it will do the maximum amount of damage that it can. This will pave your way forward and it can easily kill most of the creatures in this area and you can kill it (with fire and bullets and many other things). Continue South until you find the next marker then it is off up the stairs.

Bloodshot Marker 4
As you head up the stairs, perhaps a little passed them, you will encounter your next wave of foes. This area seems to mostly have a Nomad mixed in with Burning Psychos and Flaming Midgets. Just keep going to the South from there and up the next set of stairs.

Bloodshot Marker 5
Continue up the stairs. The marker points to go straight up. Be careful as at the top you have a Goliath. Shoot its mask off when you can and then work on taking him down as quickly as you can. At the top of the stairs stay cautious because you will encounter a Badass Psycho and a Burning Psycho. Snipe the Burning then focus your firepower on the Badass, while heading back toward the stairs. If he is really testing you, there are some explosive barrels towards the bottom of the steps. Use those to really wipe him out. Head back up and across the small bridge to where you encountered the first Badass Psycho. Press forward  carefully as you find the second. Just repeat as much as what you just did as you can.

Continue forward toward the next marker. You will find yourself on an icy plateau with a number of spiders to deal with. Be careful as there is a nearby bandit camp and you do not want to mix the two. Thankfully it is very easy. Once you deal with the Spiderants head to the Southwest to move on. Still, there is plenty of loot in this area so go over it.