Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 22 – Hunting the Firehawk: Entering Frostburn Canyon

Start by going up the stairs and to the right into the room that is nearby. There you will find Roland's Safe. This Storage deck allows you to hold onto items that you find that cannot be used immediately, like and want to hold onto or just to stash some junk until you can sell more pricey junk. The important thing to remember here is that each character will access a different storage here. It is only Claptrap's stash that will allow you to move items easily between characters. Inside the Safe you will find an ECHO recorder that tells where Roland went, to track down the Firehawk, a legendary Bounty Hunter. Time to head out from Sanctuary and start to toward Frostburn Canyon. Be sure that you have some Non-Fire-type weaponry on hand. Fire is about to become useless for a little while as everything seems to have Fire Resistance. Begin your journey by getting to Three Horns Divide. From there, spawn and board a Light Runner and start to the South. As you head there, look over to the East for a shallow sloped bridge. Cross it and head toward the marker. It will not be too long before you reach the entrance. It just to the left you will find the entrance into the Canyon.

It is at the entrance you will encounter a new enemy, the Nomad Pyro. These guys are very resistant to Fire so there is little point even firing the rounds at them. Still, if you can get a nice shot at their fuel tank, look and you will notice a small gout of flame. If you hit that gout with a bullet it will be like hitting a gas tank or another exploding barrel. This can be very handy if they wind up in the center of a formation and you have a clean shot.

Beyond the Nomad Pyros you will find a few Psychos to deal with. They are little more than an annoyance next to the Pyros though. If the opposition is getting the better of you, then retreat back to the entrance as use all the outcroppings as cover to give yourself time to heal or reload. Fight your way through the entrance and head through to the next area: Frostburn Canyon.

Once you are inside the Canyon the Guardian will contact you again. It is time to navigate this winding maze. Be sure to take a little time to visit the vending machines near the start of the area to offload junk and restock on ammo. Remember to have Non-Fire type weaponry equipped as much as possible, keep one on hand for later though. Time to navigate through the maze and you need to count on the Bloodshots for that help. The good news is the signs are hard to miss. The bad news is the Guardian was not joking on the screaming. The first sign of 7 is nearby, marked and to the North of the Vending Machines. For now, try to keep on track as this is a winding and convoluted area where you have a lot of layers and can turned around very easily.

Incinerator Camp
Head to the North and you will find this camp from the first marker. Just head to the right from the first marker and you will be going the right way. Take some time to loot the area and deal with what few foes are there.

Head to the North from there and you will be dealing with some Spiderlings (Spiderant). These are another new enemy type. These Spiders can web you, obscuring your vision and setting the stage for you to be swarmed. Pay close attention to it and try to take them down quickly. If you hit their exposed abdomen on their rear you will one-shot them without any difficulty.