Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 21 – Three Horns Side Quest: Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Skags

This side quest is a unique one as it one of the very few timed side quests that you will participate in over the course of the game. It also gets easier each time that you go through it. While it can be failed you can at least replay it until you get it right.

Fire-Type Weapon, very powerful preferably
Light Runner point South nearby the bus's rear but still on the road
Know where Split Skull Bay is (To the South of the Happy Pig Motel)
If you want to make life even easier, clear Split Skull Bay of enemies

Head to the Bounty Board and accept the quest. Now turn around and head over to the bus. Go to the tail end of it and climb up it. Once you pick up the package your timer of 90 seconds will begin.

You start with 90 seconds and are granted an addition 15 seconds for each package that is delivered. This gives you an addition 60 seconds from the 4 it will count for, bringing the total to 150 seconds, 2:30.

Mail Box 1
Burn your turbo heading to the South from the Happy Pig Motel. Once you are closer to the village, keep moving to the South. You want to start the Southern most mailbox and work your way Northwards. Once you make it over to the village, head for the mailbox that is the most Eastern as well. You can drive right up to this one, get out of the Light Runner and deposit the mail.

Mail Box 2
This is above you and slightly to the left. Now turn to the left and head up the nearby stairs. Climb them to the top then turn to the left and jump onto the nearby rocks. From there run along them and jump onto the nearby ledge with the house. Carefully jump around to the front of the house and go over to the front of it to find the mail box. Be careful, if the area has not be cleared then you have have a few crazed marauders around. This is why the Fire-Type weapon is so handy as they will be floored in less than a second.

Mail Box 3
Turn to the South and start running down the stairs until you can get a clear jump to the level below. Now you can either jump down into the shallow water and run along the rocks until you reach the next platform that will lead to the next mail box that is tucked away a little behind a drape.

Mail Box 4
Turn to the North and head back toward where you came from. You will notice a staircase to the left of the water you came through. Take that upwards and for now go up and to the left. This can draw some attention from surviving baddies so be wary of it. Once you seem to reach a dead end, but you will notice a hole to the left of the railing in front of you. Go up to it and drop to the right. This will plant you right in front of the mail box. Place the package and there is one more to go.

Mail Box 5
Turn to the North and sprint through the water. You will notice a ramp leading up onto the dock to the Northeast. Run and jump for it. Once you are back on the dock turn to the left and weave your way forward to the Northern-most point where the final marker is.

After that, if you completed the mission, just head back to the Happy Pig Motel and collect your reward.