Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Subject 16 Puzzle Solutions Cluster 6

Picture Puzzle
Important Men befriended Russia as the Iron Curtain was blown apart. But the most influential comrade stayed out the spotlight.

Just below the photo the tree, to the left, is one of a building with several men in front of it. Place the cursor around the bottom center to reveal a camera man with a Templar Cross on his back

Cipher Puzzle
The numbers are: 20, 27, 33, 13

Amplitude Puzzle
Select, in the top row, the first and second. In the bottom row, select the first.

Chess Puzzle
“Although his piece represents a Savior, his self-serving actions reveal him a counterfeit”.
Move the right-side Knight to be adjacent to the Queen.

Quarantine Puzzle
One dot is in the lower left side, between the final two phrases of music
One dot is in the lower right side, about the man's elbow
One dot is just below the name "Putin"