Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 20 – Three Horns Sidequest: Happy Pig Motel

Head over to the Happy Pig Motel and look for the note from the owner that rests on the Bounty Board nearby the vending machines. If you want to use these machines you need to get the Motel up and running. Scooter will tell you to go turn on the Steam Pump to see if it will get everything up and running. Try it and the answer is no. He then tells you to scavenge some replacement parts from the other steam pumps that are nearby the motel.

Find Gearbox
Starting with one of the farther ones, head over to the East, toward the exit to Three Horns – Divide in the Northeastern part of the Valley. Approach that Steam Pump and you will be attacked by a god sized pack of Skags. Just kill them with the vehicle quickly and you should have no problem getting at the steam pump from there to get the Gearbox. You will find the Gearbox on the Badass Bullymong that has made its home on the pump. If you are still in the car, it will not be long to take him down. Finally, just get out and loot the Gearbox from its dead body then hop back into the car.

Find Capacitor
Head to the Southern end of Three Horns – Valley. To the Southwest of Steam & Power you will find a few Steam Pumps you can loot. Approach them then Scooter will mark one for you to investigate to find a capacitor. Fight your way through the skags then approach the steam pump and open the capacitor door. There you will find that a skag has eaten it. Now you can run back to the vehicle and fight the pending wave of skags from there or just do it on foot. Either way, one of them will drop the capacitor, just be sure to grab it after.

Find Steam Valve
Head North from where you got the Capacitor toward the final marker you are given. Scooter explains that the piece you are after is on the very top of the steam pump that is marked. To get up there, get onto the Eastern face of it, on the shed that is supplied, and look up. You will find that there is a ladder that is retracted. As in all things Borderlands, shoot it to lower the ladder. Climb up using that to get to the top. Once at the top, grab the Valve from the very top of the Pump and then stay up there. Below a number of Nomads and Suicide Psychos will show up. None of them will climb the ladder up. This means that from this height you can pick them off easily. Do so then head back to the Happy Pig Motel where it is time to put it all together.

Replacing the Parts
Start at the bottom with the Capacitor. Go over to the Eastern face of it and you will see where to plug it in. It is just to the right of where the Dr. Zed's vending machine is. Now turn to the South and climb up the nearby ladder. This will lead to where you can plug in the gearbox. Just look to the north when you are on the roof of the Catch-A-Ride. Finally, climb the nearby ladder and go all the way to the top. Once there place the Steam Valve on the top to start up the Steam Pump. Now drop down to the base of the of the steam pump and throw the power switch to start it up. Now just go to the Bounty Board and interact with it to complete the mission and get a customizing skin.