Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 17 – Sanctuary Sidequests, Part 2: The Name Game

The Name Game (Three Horns - Divide)
Head over to Moxxi's to the East of Scooter's Garage. There you will find Sir Hammerlock. Talk with him to get the new Side Quest, “The Name Game” where he is trying to determine a new name for the Bullymongs. This means you need to go and sift through a number of their deposits to learn just what they eat. The first optional objective is revealed: Kill 15 Bullymongs

Examine 5 Bullymong refuse piles
Head over to the West from the entrance of Sanctuary to the Snowbound Crossroads. You will be attacked by a Bullymong at least. After that, start searching the marked area for the glowing green ice piles. Interact with them to search them. There are only 3 in this initial area so you will need to head somewhere else to finish your search. Go to the South from where you are, along the road, to find the second of the search areas. Be careful dealing with the Bullymongs in this area. Check your aim and you will be able to get 2 bullymong piles out of this area. If not, then you can get at least one in the surrounding area. Once you kill the Bullymongs and examine what you can just continue to the South toward the final search area. Kill of the Bullymongs and examine however many piles are needed to get the 5 that are needed. Hammerlock will contact you and give you an updated name for the Bullymongs, “Primal Beast.” He tells you to blow some up with a grenade while he checks with his publisher about the name, “Primal Beast.” Do note that if you head into the Ravine that head up to Sanctuary, the rest of the mission is going to be very easy.

Kill Primal Beast with Grenade
Head to any of the pulsing Search areas to find some Primal Beast. Engage them and then lob a grenade at them. You can also just head into the Ravine that led to Sanctuary and the rest of the mission (and optional objective) will finish quickly. When you have killed some Primal Beasts with a grenade Hammerlock will contact you and tell you that “Primal Beast” will not work as his publisher hated it. He gives them a new name, “Ferovores”

Shoot 3 Ferovores Projectiles out of the air:
Just find one of the Ferovores at a distance, preferably a Slinger, and wait for them to start throwing rocks and ice at you. Shoot them out of the sky and be done with this part. Hammerlock will contact you again letting you know the name was trademarked. He dubs them, “Bonerfarts” and asks you to kill some of them.

Kill 5 Bonerfarts
Head to an area and just gun down 5. Simple as that. Hammerlock will tell you his publisher will not let him called them “Bonerfarts.” With that he will ask you to come back to Sanctuary to collect your reward.

791 XP
Shield or Shotgun