Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 16 – Sanctuary Sidequests, Part 1

Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire Weapons! (Sanctuary)
Head to the Northeastern part of Sanctuary and down the stairs there. You will find Marcus of Ammo Dump. After the introduction scene just talk with him to get this quest and start it. It is very simple and gives you a chance to try out a number of different elemental effects.

Head down into his shop and talk with him. He will offer up the quest. Accept it then head over to the right. Go into your inventory and equip the mission weapon that is available at the top of the menu. It will change automatically with each part of the sidequest and it is just easier this way.

Part 1 – Fire Weapons!
Very effective against Flesh, weak against shields. Fire on the Vandal who is strapped down. Fire off a few rounds at the target then turn this part of the quest into Marcus.

Part 2 – Shock Weapons!
Very effective against Shields. Just fire on the vandal who has appeared on the target. Now turn back to Marcus and turn this part in.

Part 3 – Corrosive Weapons!
Now it is time to learn the weakness of Armor, Corrosive Weapons. These do a lot of damage over time as well. Keep that in mind. Turn this into Marcus

Part 4 – Slag Weapons!
This is a new type of damage added in Borderlands 2. Hit something with Slag type damage then follow it up with Non-Slag damage to increase the subsequent damage. Try it out on the Shoplifter. Turn back to Marcus after to turn in this final part of the Quest.

Claptrap's Secret Stash (Sanctuary)
Once you have completed, “Plan B” you will find Claptrap in Sanctuary's Northwestern corner. Talk with him, to begin this quest. It is honestly very simple to complete even through Claptrap just talks about how hard it will be. The stash is right behind you from where you are talking with Claptrap. This stash is very handy as it allows you to transfer items between 2 different characters. It is a very short quest but a very helpful one. Now turn around once more and talk with Claptrap to finish out the quest properly and get the reward for it.

Do No Harm (Sanctuary)
Head over to Dr. Zeds, which is found in the Western part of Sanctuary, none too far from where Claptrap was for his short quest. Zed will ask you to perform surgery on the man who is twitching on his table. Hit the melee button to perform this surgery. This will reveal an Eridium Shard from that person. Now head on over to to Roland's Command Center once again and talk with Tannis. She will have a quick rant at you. Talk with her again to turn in the Quest itself and learn more about refining the Eridum shards.