Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 15 – Plan B

Head to the North and over to the Gate that leads to Sanctuary itself. There you will find Jessup who will let you into the city itself. Jessup, and the Guardian explain that you need to talk with the Town's mechanic, Scooter, to learn what the contingency plan is and how to carry it out.

Head toward the marker just inside Sanctuary (and under the massive sign that says “Scooter's”). Enjoy the introduction scene with Scooter then talk with him to learn more of what this backup plan is and how to carry it out. He tells you that you need to collect the fuel cells from inside his garage and that you need some Eridium as well. Its purpose will be revealed soon enough. Start by heading to the left. There you will notice a washing machine. To the left of that you will find the first of the Fuel Cells Head up the stairs to the right of where you were talking with Scooter next. Head toward the row of lockers against the wall opposite you. You will find the second fuel cell on the second rack that you pass. Claim it then loot the lockers and boxes on this level. With all that done, it is time to install the first set of Fuel Cells.

Head to the center of Sanctuary. You can get there by going to the Northeast from Scooter's Garage. Once there head to the Northern part of the fountain in the center and interact with the highlighted node there. This will place 1 of the 2 fuel cells that you have. After that, head to the South of the fountain and insert the second fuel cell. Once those have been placed turn to the East from the Southern edge of the Fountain and head over to Crazy Earl's. It stands out some as it has purple lighting on it.

Just interact with the door and Crazy Earl will open up his slot. He tells you to buy whatever you want and he will give you the final fuel cell that you are looking for. Grab whatever upgrades you want then leave to claim the fuel cell. Now head to the Western part of the center of Sanctuary. There you will find the place to stash the final fuel cell to complete the first part of getting Sanctuary ready to move. It tries then fails. Now head to the Northern part of the the center of Sanctuary. There you will find a Crimson Raider who wants to talk with him. Do so to open up Roland's place to you. Be sure to grab the key from him. Now head over to the door and interact with it to open it up.

Once inside the Command Center interact with the ECHO Unit that is sitting directly ahead of you on the front desk. This will give you the upgrade to equip 3 weapons at once. Listen through the message and a few more side quest will open up in the area. Head on up the stairs in front of you to start next story mission, “Hunting the Firehawk.”