Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 14 – The Road to Sanctuary: Find Corporal Riess

With that all set up get back into the car and head to the South. Just follow the road that is opposite the entrance to Sanctuary. Just a short drive later and you will be at the first marker. Look along its Southwestern edge, after you deal with the Bullymongs, to find an ECHO recording that can help you find Riess.

Roland will order you to continue searching for Riess. Once again, get off the road head to the South. Look for some massive ribs. These mark the entrance to the Marrowfields. Head on toward through those. When you initially arrive, stay in your vehicle just long enough to deal with the few Bullymongs that appear as you approach. Get out after that and just continue on through the bones to the South.

As you head to the South, you will overhear another transmission from the bandits to Riess. Unfortunately this is about the time you will be attacked by another small group of Bullymongs. Defeat them and keep going to the South. You will find a trio of Psychos pounding away on Riess when you get there. Engage them (and likely the Rakks above will join in) and defeat them all to talk with Riess. He will tell you that you need to retrieve the powercore that the Bloodshots stole from him. You will be given the optional objective of killing 20 Bloodshot bandits.

Head over tot he West of where you found Riess to start toward the Bloodshot's camp. You will find yourself inside Windbreak Camp. It is here you will find what you are looking for. Take some time before heading in, if you have a Sniper Rifle, to clear out some of the bigger and deadly enemies.

Once the shots are fired, just keep at it at the top of the slope. This gives you a nice vantage over the whole of the camp and some cover too. Take your time clearing out the enemies. You will notice your steady process toward the optional objective. Just take your time and clear the camp. There are slightly over 20 enemies in the area at least so there are no concerns of failing this objective. If things seem to thin out on the ground then head into the camp and up the stairs to the right.

The main objective of finding the Power Cell will be fulfilled when you kill one of the Bloodshot raiders. It is hard to say if there is a specific or it is random. Just kill them all and you will find the Power Cell without any trouble. Once it drops it will appear on the map with a marker on it. Just claim it when it is safe or when you have had enough of the raiders.

With the Power Cell in your possession head to the East then North, returning to your Catch-A-Ride and drive back to Sanctuary. Handsome Jack will do another broadcast as you approach. From there just use the intercom to reach Lt. Davis who will let you into Sanctuary itself at last.

Head to the Southeast once you move into Sanctuary. You will notice a building none too far from the entrance you just passed through. Head up the stairs to the landing above where you will find Lt. Davis. Talk with him to get an updated objective of where to plug the power core in. Just turn around and plug it into the generator behind you. After that turn and face Lt. Davis to turn in “Road to Sanctuary.”