Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 13 – The Road to Sanctuary: Getting to Sanctuary

Once you make it to Three Horns you can stay and listen a while to Claptrap's ranting about his welcome back party or just lead the boat and start for the bridge that is in front of you slightly to the right. As you approach Corporal Riess will appear and blow up the bridge that you were going to cross. From there just move forward. It is time to track down a Catch-A-Ride and start moving toward Sanctuary properly.

Head under the bridge and to the North through the ravine in front of you. As you enter it you have a few more Bullymongs to deal with. Just take them out quickly then start up the slope to the left toward the end of the ravine. Turn to the left at the top and you will a few more Bullymongs were waiting for you up there in their wall caves. Just wait for them to appear and shoot them down before continuing to the South toward the Catch-A-Ride. Interact with the machine and Scooter's anti-hacking protocol will stop you from gaining access to it. Time to make sure that the AI can hack it and help you out by unlocking it. Take a moment, if needed, to restock on ammo, heal up and sell off useless/excess guns. Once all that is done head to the Northwest toward the nearby camp.

Once you are inside Fishguts Outpost you need to head toward the marker in the center of camp. You can also explore the nearby area for more chest to find money and ammo if you want it. Once you stray out of the starting part of it though you are in a gun fight. The camp introduces Nomands who are hardier than most of what you have been fighting before. You will also find Crazed Marauders to deal with as well in addition to the usual Psychos. Fight your way through the few ways of enemies then start over toward the Eastern edge of the marker. It is there you will find the Hyperion Network adaptor that you are looking for. Loot the robot and head back over to the Catch-A-Ride.

Once you are at the Catch-A-Ride terminal look for the phantom image of the Network module. Interact with it to install the module and the Guardian will give you access to the Catch-A-Ride Network. Read over the instructions so you learn a bit about controlling the car. After that it is time to start for Sanctuary by driving straight for the gap. If you want to do it in style, then fire up the booster to easily clear the gap.

Just head through the cavern past the destroyed bridge. Just keep moving and you will not have a single worry about all the Bullymongs that will be coming out from the walls nearby. Still, remember this place for a little later. Once you get through the cavern, just head to the North and you will find the gate to Sanctuary. Kill of the Crazed Marauder who is outside it then head over to the terminal that is to the right of the gate to learn more of what you need to do to get inside the place. Roland tells you that you need to find Corporal Riess and bring him back to Sanctuary with the power core that he had. Time to get searching.