Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 12 – Captain Flynt

Captain Flynt: “Burn, Baby, Burn!”
Taking on Captain Flynt is something that takes a moment of consideration. He takes reduced Fire damage thanks to all the fire that will be around and you want plenty of ammo to take him on with. During the first part of the fight Flynt will be on the head of the dragon that is his ship and occasionally fire at you. The rest of the threat comes from the men he has around the area. Take them out as things prove to be a challenge (or a threat) to you.

It is the second part of the fight that has things where the heat really goes up. Flynt will jump down and start moving toward the arena where you are fighting him and his men. Now there are Burning Psychos in addition to the Marauders that were already in the area. Captain Flynt will also cause the vents in the  area to spew large columns of fire. This makes the fight more challenging as you lose some freedom of movement. However, if you head over to the either side of the arena you will find a cargo container that  can be used as shelter. Pay attention to where you stand in it as that will determine just how many enemies can see and shoot you. If you die, this is a good thing, if Flynt is in the arena, as you can fire down on him from nearby the vending machine and he cannot hit you. Mind you that the Marauders and the Burning Psychos will be able to shoot and throw axes, but that is about it.

When it comes to Flynt, remember, nothing incendiary. He takes greatly reduced damage from it. Use any other elemental effect to quickly take him down without too much trouble. Secondly, do not shoot at him while he is on fire. He takes greatly reduced damage once again. Be wary of this flame aura as it can do massive amounts of damage if he gets too close to you.

Once Captain Flynt goes down then it is time mop up any remaining enemies. When they are all gone then Claptrap will head to the base of the dragon's neck and open the door that will give him and you access to his boat. Head through the tunnel over to the ship. Follow the marker onto it then talk with Claptrap to finish the mission. Now head to the bow of the boat and interact with the travel screen there.