Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 11 – Best Minion Ever, Part 2

Now you will be at the Soaring Dragon, Captain Flynt's lair. Just head toward the North along the ice. Ignore the Marauder and the Psycho Muidget fighting the Rakks. That little matter will resolve itself. Just keep going toward the North and little to the West as well.

 After a short bit of travel you will  find the first part of Flynt's Camp. Get ready to fight through a good bit of the usual mix of Marauders and and Psychos (with a few Midget psychos thrown in for variety). Scour the area around here some as there are a lot of lootable chest.

Once you are inside the camp you will need to fight your way through a good number of Captain Flynt's minions. There is no shortage on the marauders and the few Psychos. Once you are up to the first gate inside, when Flynt is playing the pre-recorded message about the time, ignore the shop icon that is nearby. There is a second one that is accessible but it is a little ways further in. Between the gate and the vending machine you have another gate that has the well written sign “Pis off” on and a check point. Beyond that you will find the next vending machine but a Psycho is likely patrolling the area. As soon as he goes down you have some marauders that show up and at least one Bassass marauder. Kill them all then hit the Dr. Zed Vending Machine. You want a clear inventory as there is a lot you can find between here and the final part of this stage.

Head up the nearby stairs going to the East. As you go through the trailer Flynt will contact you and make a proposition to be his torture buddy for life and he will not kill you. Keep going forward into the next part of his Camp. It is time to start heading more to the East through the camp. As you approach the bridge in this section you will be attacked by a small group of Marauders and a Psycho. The Marauders are up on the bridge above firing down on you and the Psycho just charges in on you. Kill them and a few more Marauders will appear to your right. Just move slightly and you will be able to get a good line of sight on them. Kill them then there is a choice to be made.

Now you have 2 options. You can head under the bridge ahead of you and take on the camp properly with its Marauders and Psychos, or head over to the left and climb up the slope there via jumping to get onto the bridge and get an elevation boost for the fight. It makes no major tactical difference on either path. Either way, head through the town over to the South. You will find some Marauders and Psychos beating up on Claptrap. Just open fire to take those 3 down quickly.

After those 3 go down it is time to start following Claptrap again (regrettably). Head over to the West, into the next part of the fight. More Marauders and Psychos await you there. From there head to the South after Claptrap then over to the East when he does. Claptrap though will be stopped by stairs. You need to head up them and find the nearby crane controls to get him up.

Head on up the stairs. To the right of the stairs you will find some chests to loot. After that just head on forward to the Northeast. You will find more Marauders and Psychos waiting for you. This round features many more Marauders then Psychos. Kill them off and continue to the Northeast. You will notice a ramp on the far end of the area with an arrow pointing up. Head toward that ramp and follow it up. If you turn to the left at the top of the first ramp you will find a small chest to loot. After that head to the Southeast to continue on up the ramp.

At the top of the ramp you will be facing to the Southwest. As soon as you emerge from the overhang you will be under attack from Marauders and a good number of them with at least one Bassass. Pick him off when he appears then worry about the rest. Once they are down, head across toward the next ledge.

When you get halfway across you will see the wall fall and more Marauders be revealed. Take them out and head over to where they were. Turn to the Northwest now and go up the ramp on the outside of the ledge. Up there you will find the controls for the crane to get Claptrap up there. Now just follow Claptrap for a while as he goes up a ramp. You will find an Ammo Dump Vending machine at the top of the ramps. Take a moment to restock on any ammo you are low on that you use. It is a Boss Fight next.