Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 10 – Best Minion Ever, Part 1

Now it is time to start moving on with the story. Head back to Liar's Berg and grab Claptrap. Just approach the robot and you will see the option. It is time to start dealing with Flynn and the rest of his crew. The first on the list is one named “Boom Bewm”. Follow Claptrap as he heads out of Liar's Berg and toward the camp. As you descend the slope from Liar's Berg be careful as that first collection of buildings to the Northwest house nothing aside from Psychos and marauders. Slaughter them all and continue to the West with Claptrap. Do look around this first set of buildings though. There is a hidden quest that is found in this area if you can find an ECHO locator. Just pick it up to begin it. Press on to the West otherwise.

Once you make it to the next group of buildings you have another few waves of Psychos and Marauders to fight your way through. Just do what you can to cut them down with your guns and melee combat. From there start heading to the West following Claptrap. He will lower the bridge there and you will be rushed by 2 Suicide Psychos, at least. Be ready for them as they have a grenade that they arm when they get into contact with your character. Once those have been dealt with head across the bridge and drop down. It is time to take on Boom Bewm

Boom Bewm
This pits the Vault Hunter(s) against the brothers Boom and Bewm. Boom is seated in Big Bertha and will be firing constantly at you. It is best to take some cover and look around for Bewm. Bewm is not much different from a Shotgun Midget so you can just focus on him first. When one of them is defeated they will drop a grenade mod that you can immediately equip and use to boost the damage of your own grenades against the surviving brother.

The fight against Boom can be broken into 2 parts. The first has him in Big Bertha and firing on you. From behind the structure near the bridge you can fire on him with fair ease and cut down on the damage you would otherwise take. Of course it is not going to be that simple. He has a fairly constant stream of Psychos coming out from the building behind him. Gun or melee them down then keep firing on Boom in Big Bertha.

Once Big Bertha goes down then Boom will fight you on foot. He will occasionally shoot at you but mostly he will attack by throwing grenades at you. Just keep moving and firing on him and it will be no problem to defeat it. Once again, he will drop a grenade mod. Grab it to sell for money shortly.

With that dealt with follow Claptrap over to the gate. He will then ask you to go get into Big Bertha, aim at the gate and shoot it when he tells you to shoot it. Honestly, just shoot whenever you feel like or whenever it seems most funny.

Once the gate is blown then a few waves of Marauders and Psychos will come charging through. Stay in the tank and just blast them as they come toward you. It makes everything a lot simpler that way. Just keep firing until they stop coming at you. After that just head on forward and down the slope.