Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 9 – Handsome Jack Here

Head into Getaway Harbor and head over to the West. You will find a collection of buildings along the bottom of the slope. As you kill your way through them, search around the village for an ECHO location. Investigate it to find the start of this quest.

It will now reveal one that is located back in Liar's Burg. This is why you pay attention to the questing. Head back up the slope and past the entrance of Sir Hammerlock's house. Head around the wall at the top of the slope and investigate the dumpster behind it. You will notice a lock you can smash. Do so to top the door and reveal the second of the audio logs.

Now head over toward Sir Hammerlock's house. Get to the house and go over to the right-hand side. Jump up onto the nearby barrel, from there to the awning and then make your way up to the top of the roof. By the chimney you will find a large chuck of ice you can break up. Do so to reveal the next audio log.

For the final audio log head to the East from Sir Hammerlock's house and past the Dr Zed's vending machine. Go to the edge of the house after that. You will notice a trash can to the right of a mail box. Open up the trash to find the final log. Sir Hammerlock will ask you to bring the recordings to him. He will offer you one of two pistols. Select whichever you like more (or is worth more to sell) and then it is back to the main quest.