Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 8 – Symbiosis

“Midgets and bullymongs and Vault Hunters, oh my!”
Level: 5, Difficulty: Tough

Head over and talk with Sir Hammerlock to get this quest. From there head back to the Southern Shelf – Bay Exit. Move into the Bay area to reach Blackburn Cove. As you enter you will find a A Dr. Zed Vending machine to clear inventory and find a better shield if needed. From there just head to the South toward the bay itself. As you the first ledge in the open area that are 2 things to worry about, Rokks that are soaring above (but not too aggressive) and Bullymong that are in the area. The Bullymong will attack you so be ready to fight through them. Once you do get through the Bullymong head over to the East and to the ramp leading to the bridge. There is a lever on the right-hand side that you can interact with to call the float over. Interact with the lever on the float to get it back across. Head on up the stairs and over to the next part to come to the bridge that leads to Blackburn Cove.

Before you raise the bridge you can, if you have a sniper rifle, pick off a few marauders before you even raise the bridge.  Once you have, or you cannot, interact with the lever on the right of the bridge to raise it up. Cross over and you will be in Blackburn Cove properly. Head East from the first part of Nlackburn. As you cross the second bridge and move onto the next you will be attacked again by more Marauders, a few psychos and at least one shotgun midget. Continue to the far Eastern and you have a second wave of numerous foes. The mix is about the same with plenty of marauders and a few psychos. Once you are all the way to the East look for starts leading upwards to the North. Takes these upwards and head over to the West.

It is time to start worrying about boss of the area. There are still a few more rounds of enemies to fight through. If you head forward and go down to the Bizarre you will have a good fight on your hands with a large number of Marauders. Still, at the far Western end of this area you will find a good chest to loot that usually has a nice number of greens inside it. Head back up the stairs after that and go a little to the West. Just past the Bizarre you will find a ladder. Climb that upwards. It will deposit you just in front of a shop entrance. Head toward it to reveal Midgemog. Be careful as there are still other enemies to worry about in the area so pay attention to what is happening around you.

Midgemog is a very tough opponent at this stage but it is very possible to beat him as well. Just focus fight on either the Bullymog or the Midget. Either one counts as damaging the whole. When they get low enough on health they will separate into Bullymog and Midget. Focus on whichever presents the bigger threat to you first then deal with the other. Keep moving and try to have some shelter to protect some from all of his attacks.

Once you are done, head back to where you encountered Midgemog initially as there are a complete set of vending machines on the top level. Be warned as they are guarded by at least 3 Badass Marauders. They will be a lot easier compared to Midgemog. After all that, feel free to head back to Liar's Berg to turn in this quest and press on. Be warned as all your defeated foes will respawn around Blackburn Cove, save for the first few. You can either fight your way through or just run out of there and back to Liar's Berg.