Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 7 – Bad Hair Day

“Style is Everything”
Level: 5, Difficulty: Tough

Sir Hammerlock would like to get some Bullymong hair to add to his cap and he is offering to pay you to do it. Head out West to the Southern Shelf then turn to the South. Head past the Old Crimson Raider base and then through the Marauder Outpost that is just a little farther South of that. Disable the Electrical Barrier that protects the Outpost from the Bullymong behind it. 2 Bullymong will attack you, but it is nothing too hard to kill both of them.

Now continue South toward the Southern Shelf – Bay exit. It is here you will find a nice group of Bullymong to fight. Now for the hard part of this side quest. You need to kill 4 Bullymongs using a melee attack. How you get them low on health is up to do (explosives do a good job as does flame). If the first location was not enough (or too many Bullymong fell to gun fire) there are 3 more locations within the area that are marked to the Northwest. Head to each in turn.

Getting the Bullymong low on health is not too hard. The first time, Sir Hammerlock will comment on its low health and encourage you to just charge it and smash/slash it to death. The easiest way to do this is find some Moglets, charge them and smash their faces in. If you encounter Slinger that is low on health, you need to chase it down as it will actively be trying to put distance between itself and you.

However it gets down, as you get to the second tuft of Bullymong Fur, Claptrap will contact you and offer you a Shotgun if you give the fur to him instead of Sir Hammerlock. Both are found now in Liar's Burg. Simply talk with whichever offers the kind of weapon you want. They are both nice guns and you cannot go wrong with either.