Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 6 – Shielded Favors

“If you're gonna survive out here, you'll need a better shield”
Level: 3, Difficulty: Normal

it is time to head out toward the Old Crimson Raider Hideout that is to the West of Liar's Berg. Of course this raises the question of how you get out of the place. Head to the West toward Sir Hammerlock's house. You will notice a shed to the North of it. Inside is a switch that you need to throw to open the gate below and allow you access to the rest of the Southern Sheld. Throw the switch then simply drop down to the path below and head out through the gate.

Once through the gate start immediately over to the West. You will notice a building perched atop an ice shelf in front of you. That is where you need to go: The Crimson Raider's hideout. Of course the lower area has been taken over by Psychos and Marauders (some of them Killer). Gun them down and look to the right of the ramp leading to the main complex. You will find a boat with some chests. Loot them and head on up after that. At the top of the stairs you may encounter more Marauders so be careful.

Once on the platform look for the elevator controls. They are presently marker if “Shielded Favors” is being tracked. Interact with the lever to learn that you need to get a replacement part because Claptrap was trying to intergrate with it. Head off to the South.

Behind the Safe Hosue you will notice a a few buildings. This place is completely overrun with Marauders. You will also notice an electrical barrier behind the buildings. Remember that for after you deal with the Marauders.

With the marauders dead head over to the electrical barrier to the North. Claptrap will contact you and suggest running through. You can if you want to get electrified some. Inside, look for the Safety First Sign. Just to the left of that is an Electrical Fuse Box. Shoot it with any gun to disable the fence and clear the way for the Vault Hunter to get what they need. Now just head to the next marker to the South and interact with the Fuse box to get what you need. Return to the Crimson Raider Safe House and to the elevator controls. Interact with the control to place the fuse in properly and allow you access to the shop above. Pull the lever once to call down the platform. Hop onto it and then just pull the lever on the platform to rise up.

Once there, open the door in front of you and head inside. The Vending Machine you are after is just inside to the right, nearby the lockers. Purchase any shield and you will complete the mission. Return to Sir Hammerlock in Liar's Berg to finish out this quest. This will get you a new skin for your Vault Hunter.