Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 5 – This Town Ain't Big Enough

“There's only room for One deadly, bipedal, ape-descended species in Liar's berg.”

Clear the Bullymongs out of Liar's Burg:
Clear graveyard
Clear Pond

The Vault Hunter is given two locations that they need to visit and clear of Bullymongs. The first is in the Northern part of Liar's Burg. Just head up there and it is very easy to find. Here you will encounter a mix of Adult Bullymongs, a few Slingers and a couple moglets. It is recommended to start up here as there is a very handy trick that is available if you pursue this quest in the suggested order.

Now head over to the Southeast from the Graveyard. You will be well above the pond and all the Bullymongs will be beneath you. The advantage this gives lies in the Bad-Ass Tokens. You can collect them for shooting the rocks thrown by Bullymongs out of the air.

Once you are above the pond stand in the break in the wall. Move froward from there until the Bullymongs start throwing rocks and ice chunks at you. This gives you a great chance to grind the Hurly Burly Challenge. It is possible (with a good weapon and time) to complete all 5 ranks at this location alone. It can give a nice edge to the early game as the Tokens do give a universal boost to all your characters. Standing in the gap will put you in a position, if you are just a little backl from it, that you have loosely a 1 in 100 chance of being hit.

After you grind that challenge as much as you care to head down to the pond itself. Drop slowly using the slope of the cliff to avoid falling all the way. Once down there you have a number of Bullymongs, much of the same variety, save the Slingers, coming at the Vault Hunter. Open fire on them and remove the last of the Bullymong threat from Liar's Berg.

When you have finished, return to Sir Hammerlock. He will reward you with:
Rabid Spinigun:
Damage: 19
Accuracy: 68.0
Fire Rate: 12.3
Reload Speed: 3.9
Magazine Size: 49
Vale: $110

This will open up 2 side quests: “Shielded Favors” and “Bad Hair Day”. Both are available through Sir Hammerlock and it is very easy to do both simultaneously.