Photo Puzzle
“Washington sits above the green, in 1944, keeping a cool head. Below the right 1, is the standard bearing 48. Behind, there is a company whose power is growing”.

Just below the One dollar bill, you will see a picture of a red and white building.
You want to scan the flag pole on the left side of the picture, raised above the building.
The Solution to the First Puzzle in Cluster 3

Cipher Puzzle

2798 – Strange 4, upward left to right crossed zero, downward right to left crossed zero, inverted strange 4

Chess Puzzle
“As a concession, a small piece is sacrificed for the greater good”

Continuing with the last piece you moved, take the nearby black pawn, letting it get taken by the black knight.
The Solution to the Chess Puzzle in Cluster 3

Quarantine Solutions
One dot is in the lower, center middle.
One of the Quarantine Zone in Cluster 3

One dot is in the upper right, center.
One of the Quarantine Zone in Cluster 3