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Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 52 – Sequence 12: Laid to Rest
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 11/28/2012
A series of articles covering Assassin's Creed 3. This part covers Sequence 12, "Laid to Rest" where Connor heads to his Father's Funeral to confront Charles Lee.

Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 52 – Sequence 12: Laid to Rest

Optional Objective:
Limit Regular kills to 15

This memory begins immediately. It is time to push things forward and toward the marker. You can listen to the speech or simply keep moving forward. This leads to a cinematic scene between Connor and Charles Lee. The two butt heads and then it is time to move on forward.

After that, it is onto an interactive scene where you must hit a button to counter and then deal with the men around Connor. If possible, start and keep a kill streak and all the mercenaries around Connor will go down very quickly.

Head over to the street just North from where Connor was being attacked. From there head East out to the docks. If you want to make a slight easier time of it (and you have plenty of money) bribe one of the nearby criers who are on the way to eliminate the threat while on approach. As you get near the restricted area be sure to cut wide around it. Turn to the North as you get near the docks. Head up a pier and then head to the South to begin the approach on the farther of the 2 restricted areas.

Moving in on that second restricted area, approach the bow of the ship and climb onto the deck then upwards to the top of the shelter there. Start the climb up with the mooring to the left of the bow. Get to the top of the shelter and you will spot a guard. While it is not mandatory to kill this one, it makes things easier in the long run to do so as he looks down on the stairs that you will be descending now.

Head down the stairs but move carefully as there is a regular who will approach the bottom of the stairs. Wait for him to turn his back then hang from the gap in the railing and back eject out to the ledge just outside the cabin. Head along to the one just below the eavesdropping location. Climb up into the circle to listen in. From there drop down to the outcroppings again and head over to the right. Pause at the corner and wait. There is a regular who overlooks the area. Just wait for him to turn away and then head over to the right and grab onto the railing. Head all the way over to the right and wait for the nearby patrol to move away. There is 1 guard who is stationary with 2 patrols that watch over him. This is the final Regular kill you can make without failing the first optional objective. Wait for the patrols to move away then climb up behind him and stealth kill him. After that just start clinging to the ledge again to avoid any undue attention. Head over to the right and upwards when you reach the windows at the stern of the ship. Climb up toward the top of the ship and wait for the nearby guard to move away from the ledge you are nearby. Now head over to the window and have Connor press against the boxes that are nearby. Listen in to the conversation and wait for it to finish. 2 new objectives will be introduced shortly but if you want to skip them then just dive overboard to finish the memory after this eavesdropping.

Optional Objectives:
Kill the HMS Jersey's Captain
Escape the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict

For those who want to finish these easy final objectives, stay where you are and equip the poison darts. Look toward the stairs that lead to Connor's position. When the Captain approaches and there are no guards facing Connor, enter precise aim mode and when the captain is in range, hit him with a poison dart. If he notices Connor it is fine, as once you hit him with the dart he loses all interest in him. Just wait for him to die then jump overboard when the guards are at the body to finish this memory.