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Assassin's Creed 3 – Leveling Up Homesteaders: Lance the Woodworker
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 11/27/2012
A series of articles covering Assassin's Creed 3. This part covers improving the Homestead Artisans and Gatherers: Lance the Woodworker.

Assassin's Creed 3 – Leveling Up Homesteaders: Lance the Woodworker

Tools of the Trade (Sequence 9)
Head over to Lance's house and talk with him to start this mission. He needs to head to Boston where he can gather his spare tools to replace the ones that were lost in the fire. Once you get to the marker in Boston you will find Lance waiting for you. Talk with him to start the mission proper.

Follow him as he leads you through the streets of Boston to his old shop. You find out that Lance's old apprentice, Patrick, has sold the shop. It is time to head over to the pub and get the information you need out of the lush. Head to the South and you will find him marked.

It takes a quick conversation to learn that Patrick sold the shop out because Lance had been run out of town. Now you need to tail Patrick to find the Woodworker's tools. Head back to the North and turn down the first left. Pause at the start of the alley and blend or look around the corner. Patrick will turn around just after he passes through the exit. Wait for him to turn back around. Just turn to the North after that and press on. If possible, blend into a northbound crowd to make life simpler. Otherwise, just head from stack to stack. Just as Patrick reaches the end of the alley he will turn around and look again. Duck over to the right and wait it out. Take your time about it to ensure that Lance is out of sight as well. Head a little to the West then turn to the South, keeping some obstruction between Patrick and you. Head down a block and wait at the corner. Patrick will remark that he aims to unload Lance's tools come nightfall. Just wait for him to move on then move in to loot the chest and reclaim Lance's tools.

Thousand-Pound Idea (Sequence 10)
Head over to Lance's House and talk with him. He will ask Connor to head over to New York and talk with the Post Master about the package he ordered from France. Head to New York and go to the Eastern Harbormaster. This will drop Connor very close to where he needs to be to start this mission. Head over to the Homestead Mission marker. Talk with the Post Master to learn a little more. Apparently Lance's former apprentice had one more bad idea. He is passing out something to a few of his friends.

Each are marked on the map to make them easier to find. Approach each in turn. You can either just pick their pockets to get the papers back or kill them and loot their bodies. Pick-pocketing is slightly easier if you are good at it. If you like fights, go the other route. All of them simply patrol around the docks. Approach and loot/pick pocket as needed. The find one is found on a ship that is a restricted area. Sneak out, dealing with the guards as needed or just kill them all. Once you the plans return to the Homestead and visit Lance to give them to him.