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Mists of Pandaria Talent Analysis: Death Knights, Talent Three- Swift Grip of Death
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 11/24/2012
Speed and slowness, that's the ticket- are you fast as death, or do you kill the motions of others?

The third talent for a Death Knight is all about impairment- or the prevention thereof.

Death’s Advance (Instant cast, 30 second cooldown): When this talent is not active, you move 10% faster, and movement-impairing effects cannot reduce your speed below 70% of its base.  When this talent is active, you move an additional 30% faster and movement-impairing effects cannot reduce your speed below its base.

Death Knights with a tendency to kite enemies for whatever reason are going to find this talent immensely useful.  This means that Tanks, who frequently love to use Death and Decay to lay out a zone of aggro-grabbing damage, aren’t going to be as fond of this as DPS Death Knights.  The fact that it increases your speed both passively and actively can be a huge boon when you need to move from one location to another, which everyone needs to do now and again.  More significantly, it cuts the ability of enemies to slow you down, which is more important to DPS Death Knights, as Tank Death Knights tend to bring enemies to them rather than the other way around.

Chilblains: Enemies you infect with your Frost Fever are chilled, with their movement reduced by 50% for 10 seconds, and your Chains of Ice immobilizes its target(s) for 3 seconds.

This talent is of immense utility to Tanks, who hate it when an enemy flees and are likely to be Pestilencing their Frost Fever to as many targets as they can.  It can also troll incoming enemies to an extent when it affects Frost Fever spread through Icy Touch or Pestilence to targets outside of melee range, forcing them into a slow slog into combat.  The Chains of Ice benefit is somewhat less significant, but still very friendly to Death Knights who operate as a form of secondary control through Chains, Strangulate, and similar effects.  Frost Death Knights will find the talent of most use since they not only love to spread Frost Fever but have some improvements for Chains of Ice in store anyways.

Asphyxiate: Your Strangulate becomes Asphyxiate- it lifts targets off the ground for 5 seconds as a Stun.  If the target is immune to Stun, they are instead Silenced for 5 seconds.

DPS Death Knights are likely to find Asphyxiate of more use than Tank Death Knights- they usually have the attention to spare to stun something important every so often, and aren’t as hindered by stunning the enemy caster who’s standing back thirty or forty yards from the main fight, since they can just run over there and squish it.  Tanks will want to be careful of this ability for exactly that reason- if you’re using it to Stun something, that thing better be in melee combat with you.  Additionally, a Tank’s main concern is likely to be the biggest baddest thing in the fight, which is also more likely to be resistant or immune to Stun effects.

Tank Death Knights
will probably like Chilblains much more than the alternatives here, as it not only is a passive improvement to their existing spells, but does very little to impair their ability to keep combat contained near them.  Leaving their Strangulate as Strangulate makes it more useful for bringing spellcasters into melee by leaving them with no options other than hand-to-hand attacks.  A speed boost isn’t often attractive to Tanks, though when a Tank does want a speed boost, they want it very badly, so Death’s Advance is the likely second option.