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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- Karasshi and the Zor- I Mean, Jinyu
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 11/24/2012
You may have noticed a certain similarity of limb and body between the jinyu you're dealing with and a certain other well-known fishman race.  Thankfully, this does not seem to carry over to their society, nor is it as complete as you might initially expect.

With the massive beast at last reduced to rug material, you can head back to meed with Karasshi, he takes the key and gives you your new boots.

He then tells you that Taylor will die without healing quickly- thankfully the jinyu village is nearby in the midst of a large lake.  Karasshi offers to bring Taylor there, but points out that there is much more dangerous combat going on in that direction, so he’ll need you to help him by clearing a path through the monkeys to his village.  In order to accomplish this quest, you need to kill 10 Slingtail Fishrippers.

When you accept the quest, Karasshi unlocks his chains and grabs the Admiral- he explains to you that the jinyu do not like strangers- so he is hopeful they will not punish him for helping you in return for your aid thus far.  The battle near his village rages on, so he is relying on you to engage the Hozen while he runs on towards the village- he will wait for you there.

He then runs across the nearby field- you can keep up with him as far as the lakeshore, but there you’re going to need to stop to help the jinyu fend off the attacking Slingtail Hozen.  The Hozen are all spear-carriers here, so they pack little interesting more than a slight damage spike.  Happily, the quest doesn’t care if you got the initial or killing blow on any of the Hozen, and there are more than a few Pearlfin Poolwatcher jinyu here protecting the shore, so fending off ten of the Hozen is hardly a difficult prospect.

Once those are dealt with, you’ll need to head East along the chain of sandbars into Pearl Lake.  At the far end of the sandbars, which are thankfully lit with small glowing orb-lamps, you can find the twin banners that mark the entrance to the Pearlfin Village.  Head East and slightly North across the village, but stop on the way to talk to the Kite Master, Ut-Nam, and get the local flight point from him.  You’ll find Karasshi near several giant pearls and the resting Admiral Taylor.

Karasshi thanks you for your help and grants you the Blessing of the Pearlfin, giving you water breathing and an improved swim speed while you are in the Glass Lake area.  Before he can continue, though, Rell, Misha, and Sully show up, weapons drawn.  Karasshi demands to know who they are, and Sully leaps to the conclusion that he is responsible for Admiral Taylor’s state.  Karasshi keeps his head and states that the injuries the Admiral has are from the Hozen chief, Gukgut.  Mishka is uncertain, but Rell points out that the trio have no other choice but to believe the fishman.