Have a bit of care when you’re ranging about to find Slingtail Hozen to kill, as there are a few dangerous spots, such as the tiger pit, that you don’t want to stumble into unexpectedly.  You should also keep your eyes on the patrolling Hozen, as their routes come close enough together that a one-monkey fight can quickly attract two additional Slingtails all of a sudden when you’re mid-battle, and that can rack up some pretty respectable damage on you.

Skulls are the most difficult target you have right now, but that’s not saying much- they can be found at the bases of the various huts, near the sharpened-stake walls, around the bottoms of trees, and if you’re brave you can even grab a few out of the tiger pit.  While the skulls do sparkle as most gather-quest objectives, they and their auras are very small, so it’s easy to miss a few- don’t worry too much about it, though.  The skulls are plentiful so missing a few isn’t going to stop you from gathering enough of them.

Karasshi is mightily pleased by the results of your questing, and calls you brave, bold, and resourceful- all traits he and his people admire.  The skulls are exactly what he is looking for, and he tells you they will produce some powerful magic in his peoples’ rituals.

With these tasks done, he tells you of your next target- Kung Din.  This is the tiger in the aforementioned tiger pit, and he is a massive and threatening beast.  The key hangs from the gear-like collar around his neck, and so to get ahold of it you’re going to need to kill the massive feline.  This is not without its own rewards though- Karasshi has a pair of boots for you when you return with the key to unlock his chains and those on the admiral.

Kung Din’s pit is almost due North of where Karasshi and the Admiral are held, making it easy to get to if you don’t mind carving up more monkeys- which you would have to do in order to go in any direction at this point, really.

The tiger is a massive foe, and if you’re not careful, additional monkeys will make the encounter fatal.  You’ll want to make sure you either clear out all the monkeys around the tiger pit, or face Kung Din as close to the middle of the pit as possible.  Kung has a whopping four hundred six thousand health points, so he can take a heck of a beating before going down- which he uses to his advantage with his special, unannounced pouncing attack.  When you get hit with this attack, he knocks you down and interrupts any abilities or spells you’re using, and takes away your normal interface.  After about a second-long gap, you are given a new interface as though you were in a vehicle- and the only power on it is ‘Punch’, a strike against the tiger’s face.  This is where additional monkeys become really hazardous, as when Kung has you pinned, you’re unable to parry, block, dodge, or otherwise do anything about anything- including the claws Kung is raking down your sides- until you’ve Punched him enough to get him to back off.  Thankfully, the Punch deals some damage, but expect to be knocked down two or three times before you can finally kill the tiger.