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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- The Captain’s Log
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 11/24/2012
Now that you've read the sunken journal, it's time to keep on until you find the Logbook- as useful as the journal is, it's not an official record, and it still doesn't hold quite enough information for SI:7.

What you need is the logbook- in order to reach that, you’ll have to submerse yourself and swim through the wrecked ship a bit further towards the stern.  In the deepest chamber, you will find two things- an Alliance banner, and a Hozen in a diving helmet.  The banner should be examined- it will highlight that someone of great import to the Alliance quartered here.  This is probably your best tip that the logbook is in the room.  Curiously, there is no sign of it.

There is, however, a Hozen.  The monkey in the diving helmet is thankfully having a hard time of it, since the helmet was not designed for a creature like it by any stretch of the imagination- while just as strong as the other Hozen around, it lacks their ability to use special attacks, instead only having the channeled ability to ‘flail blindly’.  While damaging, this pretty much replaces its regular attacks, keeping it from really injuring you.

When you kill the monkey, you do finally find the logbook- the creature had taken the thing for who-knows-what reason, and now you’ve finally got it.

Now it’s time to leave the ship- if you haven’t killed the requisite 14 Hozen monkeys, you should make sure you do that on your way out.  Nodd is lurking on the trail up the cliff to the Northeast, so cross that part of the beach and head up.  He’s actually decently camoflaged, thanks to his green hair and gnomish stature, but once you get up there he’s easy enough to spot.

Nodd is rather spiteful about the Hozen, considering their looting a specific insult to the Alliance itself for some reason.  When you give him the logbook, however, his focus shifts entirely.  He explains that going by the clues you gathered, the ship is indeed the flagship- both Anduin and Admiral Taylor were aboard it.  The gnome imparts to you that the last entry Admiral Taylor made said he was going to protect the vessel from the Hozen monkeys after the shipwreck.  According to Nodd, the locals have indicated that Hozen sometimes take prisoners, and given that Taylor’s body was not found in or near the wreckage, he’s likely to have been captured.

The local Hozen encampment is off to the Northeast, so Nodd sends you in that direction with the bidding to find Admiral Taylor ASAP.

Finish climbing the cliff, then follow the cobbled road to the Northeast.  You’ll want to stay on it until the juncture, where a signpost indicates directions for not only Paw’don Village, but also the Dreamer’s Pavilion, the Serpent’s Heart, and the Temple of the Jade Serpent.  From here, you’ll head off the road so you can go more directly Northeast, which will bring you straight towards the Hozen encampment.