“The battle is more fearsome than I could have imagined.

All around us, I hear the booming of Horde artillery.

Their shells rain upon the deck above, and the screams of the crew are drowned out only by the roar of return fire.

Admiral Taylor bade me hide here, in the hold, until the fighting ceases.

They have posted guards outside my door.

I feel restless.  I should be out there, helping them!”

Page 3 continues,

“Those that did not perish in the initial battle were lost in the ensuing storm.

As our battered ships fought their way through rain and fog, the most critically injured succumbed to their injuries.

I did what I could to staunch their wounds, but it was not enough.

Why am I always too late to save my friends?”

Events come to an abrupt stop on page 4,

“I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of a great, loud noise like thunder.

The ship was runing aground on the rocks.

The ship groaned and listed, and shouts and screams erupted on deck.

I rushed to the door of my cabin, but my bodyguard locked me inside.

There is nothing I can do now but wait.”

Finally, on page 5, you discover just whose journal this was-

“The Vanguard has washed up on an unfamiliar shore.  The ship is still, and all around me, I hear silence.

No one has come for me, and I fear that the crew is dead.

The cabin is filling with water, so I must find a way out soon.

If any Alliance soldier finds this, know that I, Prince Anduin Wrynn, am alive.

I am going to travel inland and search for food and aid.

Please tell my father that I am well.”

While this is important and useful to have- it isn’t quite what you’re looking for.