With Sky Admiral Rogers and Sunke Khang in front of you, it’s time to move on from your initial efforts to help out in Paw’don Village.  Rogers has a couple of new quests for you- the major one being The White Pawn.

This is a quest of critical import- you’ve got to determine where Anduin and the sea Admiral are.  While there is definitely a wrecked Alliance ship to the South, it’s apparently unclear whether this was the flagship or not.  In order to find out, you’re going to have to search the wreckage.  Once you’ve done that, you are to recover the Captain’s Log, the book used to record major events about the ship, and bring it to Nodd Codejack to be deciphered.  Nodd will be waiting for you in the cove where the wreck is, but for whatever reason he’s across the cove from it.  In addition to the usual rewards for the quest, you’ll also get a set of ‘Partially Soaked Pages’.

Her second quest regards the Hozen, though, who seem to have pretty much appropriated the wreckage for themselves.  The Hozen are scrumming the crashed ship for anything not nailed down (or even not nailed down particularly well), which proves, as far as Rogers is concerned, that they are distinctly not friendly.  Therefore, you’re to kill off 14 of the monkeys before you meet Nodd across the cove.

The shipwreck is down a short hill outside the village gate, so it’s not going to be hard to get to the shore.  Unfortunately, the place is positively crawling with monkeys.  The majority of these are Hozen Ravagers and Hozen Scavengers.  While there are a lot of monkeys and a few of them have spears which give them an occasional ranged attack, they are pretty simple to deal with- the most annoying part of facing them is that each monkey has a ‘Banana Throw’ attack.  This will knock you down with a ‘slipped’ debuff that keeps you on the floor (stunned) for a couple of seconds, so it’ll put your spells and abilities out of action for that long- but that’s all, really.  A little care keeps the monkeys from becoming overwhelming.

You’re going to need to get onto the ship, so you have a choice between clearing off enough beach to reach the ramp that leads onto the wreckage, or fighting your way out into the water and swimming onto the lower end of the deck.  Once on the ship, you can locate an ‘Alliance Bodyguard’ lying dead on the deck- make your way to him and investigate the corpse.  You’ll take notice of the fact that he looks like he used to be an elite soldier, something more than the regular rank and file of the Alliance army.  This probably means that this -was- the flagship, so head belowdecks with the convenient stairway nearby.

The interior of the ship is flooded, so have a little care maneuvering and duck underwater every so often- you’ll soon locate a ‘Fine Leather Journal’.  Use it to swipe the still intact pages- you’ll also notice that the thing has the initials ‘A.L.W.’ monogrammed onto it.  These Partially Soaked Pages explain what happened.