Rell replies that he is not surprised, as ‘the Horde are monsters!’  He then follows up this skewed viewpoint with the declaration that he and the Skyfire are here on a mission of peaceful rescue, and requests help.

Taran considers this a bizarre statement, pointing out the Skyfire’s nature as a flying fortress, and the actions taken by the Alliance troops since their arrival.  Rell attempts to excuse it on the basis of the Horde’s nature as a conquering force, and inquires if the Pandaren will help to fight the Horde.  Taran, however, is not only not buying that, he won’t take it for free either.

The mysterious warrior replies that while Pandaren combatants are relatively few, they are very skilled, and there is no fear of fighting- but the sort of genocidal slaughter that is involved in the Horde-Alliance war will bring ruin to Pandaria, and should not be brought here.  He sounds quite firm on the subject, clearly offended by the fact that the two factions have come here to wage war- whether or not that’s the intent behind the Horde outpost is up in the air, but they certainly aren’t going to any sort of trouble to endear themselves to the local populace- particularly given the damage they’ve been trying to do to Paw’don’s livelihood.

This leaves you freed again, to talk to Rell.  The night elf is somewhat contemplative about the Sha and the added difficulty it will bring to facing the Horde here, apparently having let the greater point of Taran’s statements pretty much slide past him.  The fact that he’s able to overlook the panda’s vitriol regarding the Horde-Alliance war is nothing short of incredible, considering the lengths that Taran has been going to to point out his disgust with the fact.  One has to wonder if Rell’s ears are just for decoration.

Still, it’s time for your next quest- Onward and Inward.

Rell continues considering the Sha, calling it a darkness to the continent you have arrived on.  He tells you that he and the others will stay behind to remove the rest of the Horde forces from the area, but you need to continue on to find Captain Taylor and Prince Anduin.  He informs you that aerial scouts believe they have found the wreckage of the flagship near Paw’don, and so you should return to the village and report to Admiral Rogers to find out what your next instructions are.

He also offers you the use of his gyrocoptor to return there, which is parked on the ledge outside.