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Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 42 – December 1st, 2012
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 11/19/2012
A series of articles covering Assassin's Creed 3. This part covers Sequence 8, December 1st, 2012: where Desmond must find another Power Source.

Assassin's Creed Walkthrough Part 42 – December 1st, 2012

It is time once again to put the Bleeding Effect to good use. Desmond must break in and secure a second power source. This time it is much more involved with crowds for blending and security to deal with. Virtually none of the Animus features are present. All Desmond has is the social indicator to guide him through much of this. It is time to put those skills to use in the real world once again, in full application.

Head forward through the tunnel and take the second left. Go on up the stairs. Approach the queues opposite the stairs. If you look to the left you will notice a wanted poster of Desmond. That cannot be good. After the cutscene at the lines, turn to the right and head over to the door to the right of the gates. From there head to the right and take up a position at the corner. Wait for the guards to move away then move into the stalking zone on the other side of the wall. Move through it to the left and forward. Approach the edge and watch the guards. They will reveal their patrol before too long. After that, when their backs are to Desmond, slip through up the stairs to the left, past the couple and around the corner to the right.

Now you are inside a shopping plaza. Head toward the Jardim stand and move with the crowds there to get forward without alerting security. Press forward and get over to the next group talking by one of the stands. This will throw security off Desmond if he happened to get sighted while moving away from the first booth. From there, continue forward to the Restrooms in front of Desmond. Need be, move from the group in front of the second stand over to the next group near the rest rooms. From there fast walk into the rest room. Head through it to the right and take the stairs in the back right to get around the second security check point.

Now simply head forward through the tunnel and take a right when you notice a green line from a corridor off to the right. Head on through that doorway and turn to the left. Continue through the next one and up the stairs. Press on to the partially open shutter and Desmond will slip underneath it smoothly. Climb up the rails in front of you and jump onto the corrugated rooftop in front of Desmond. Hug the right-hand wall then climb and jump your way across the area below. Once you make it up turn to the left and head on through the open window.

Once inside head up the stairs in front of you. Once you get up the stairs and around the corner head into the crowd on the right. Use this time to find the security guard on the left up ahead. Move from crowd to crowd to get closer to him. Be careful as he is moving toward Desmond. Duck into a nearby crowd when he is close and wait for him to pass by. Fast walk to the end of the corridor and go through the open door on the right.

Once inside the next room head over to the left and head out onto the catwalks there. These are your ticket to the other side of the stadium. If nothing else, follow the yellow cable that lines the cat walk. Once you are through on the other side head for the one door that leads out of this room. Now head out through this corridor until a cutscene begins. Cross will reveal himself once again. Chase cross until you reach the small garden that has a number of guards in it. Now you can make a choice. You can ignore the guards and go for a take down on Cross or take down the guards and then get a stealth take down on Cross. The stealth take down has the advantage of letting Desmond eavesdrop in on his cell conversation with Warren Vidic. Move carefully through the stalking zones and you will easily be able to take down Daniel Cross and hear at least his half of the conversation.

Now it is time to run like nothing else and get to the metro. Just follow the blue signs that point to it. It will not take too long to get down there. May take one or two tries though. That will be that.

Once you are back in the Grand Temple, talk with everyone. Shaun and Rebecca have something to say, not so much William (unless you have not talked with him much) and check Desmond's E-mail. Juno left a few notes while he was in there. Before you return to the animus it is time to plug in the second power source. This can only be done if you have plugged in the previous one. This will open a new door that is the key to getting to the second power source. It will open to the left of the Animus.

Head inside the new door and turn to the left. Jump across the broken stairs and start upwards. Just continue upwards until there are no more stairs to climb. Turn to the right once you make it to the top. Head down this corridor to the midpoint, where the floor breaks. Here, have Desmond drop down to 2 levels. Alternatively, just head to the end of the corridor and take the stairs downwards. Turn to the left and head through into the nearby small room on the left.

Inside the small room turn to the right and climb up the wall into the holes above you, up 2 levels. Head through the next hole on the left and you will find the apporiation of Juno standing by the next console. This will trigger another cutscene and open a third door.

Head down and you will have another cutscene with Shaun and Rebecca questioning just what happened. You will find the new path open to the right of the locked door. You can explore it to hear the stories that Juno has to tell, explaining something of her motivations, but until December 12th, 2012 the next part will be a mystery as to what the next power source will do.

Before Desmond enters the Animus again, Shaun will confirm the third power source and William will leave to track it down.