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Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 30 – Sequence 6: Taxation
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 11/14/2012
A series of articles covering Assassin's Creed 3. This part covers Sequence 6, "Boston Taxation" where Connor acts for the good of his tribe to stop the sale of his land.

Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 30 – Sequence 6: Taxation

Optional Objective:
Limit Firearms use to 6 times
use Powder Kegs to blow up 3 caches of smuggled cargo

Head on out of the meeting and now you can take care of the smuggled tea. You can also go after Tax Collectors now. It is time to make for the docks properly. As you approach them you will be entering a restricted area. It is better to cut around to the East of this area first. You can do this either by climbing up on the roof or simply traveling on the ground. Either way, head to the Northeastern part of the restricted area. This will cut around the patrol of a single moving guard and a number of stationary ones as well. You are going for the Northeastern cache of smuggled cargo at this point. Once you make to the area press up again the corner and start looking for the cache with the red symbol on it. To the right of it you will find a powder keg. Break from cover after the guards have gone by, aim at it then fire. As you no longer need to worry about notoriety Connor can either fight these men or run to the West to break their pursuit of him. Just be sure before Connor leaves the area he has picked up a powder keg.

Either way, head West toward the boat in the dry dock. While Connor has this, it is better not to run, as that draws more attention. This will let him slip behind the guards and place the powder key right to the right of the next cache of smuggled cargo. Have Connor stand in the boat behind the cargo and fire his pistol at the powder keg. Immediately dive into the water and stay down.

Now swim over to the next dock where the final cache of tea is. You can either swim directly to the cache or some up the side of the pier. If you come up on the side, hang off the pier and wait for the pair of soldiers to approach. Once they do, assassinate one of them from that position then engage the other in melee to take him out quickly. Now position the powder kegs you can find between the 2 caches of tea and fire at one of them. They will both go up and take all that tea with it. The restricted area is lifted  and there are only 2 more things to do. Each of these will be marked in turn on your map as an objective.

1 – Kill 2 Tax Collector groups
Call up your map and look at it. It is not very hard to find a few tax collector groups. Simply mark them and then chase after them. They do not run but like to fight.

2 – Destroy crates carried by 2 smugglers
Now look around for liberation missions on the map. Mark them and investigate. Some of them, like the one to the Southwest of the pier Connor was at for the Tea, are smugglers. All Connor has to do is bump into the smuggler and that will destroy their cargo. If you feel like it, you can kill the smuggler too.

With this all finished, return to the restaurant and talk with everyone there. Things are heating up and one of the major events is just around the corner now.