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Overview of Alternative Press Expo 2010
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 10/17/2010
An overview of the events at Alternative Press Expo 2010.

Alternative Press Expo 2010

After covering conventions like Wondercon, California Xtreme, Pinball Expo and Fanime, coming to something like Alternative Press Expo (or simply APE) is a very different experience. What made it different was there being so much tabling all around. While Wondercon has its share, there was also a lot of space set aside for other things as well. At APE, though, it is all about the exhibits, artists and zines. There was no lack of any of those across all of the floor space. This was, apparently, the largest APE convention yet.

aerial view of APE floor

The exhibit hall was broken into a few areas simply to help manage everything all the exhibitors who were attending. Overall there were three areas. In any given area you could find comics, zines, illustrations all from a number of genres and appealing to many different audiences. Here you would be able to find a variety of artists and writers. Some were well known and have actually been making a living from their art (or their day job or both) for a while as well as people who were just starting up and making their first appearance at the convention.

Dots Dots Dots Booth

If you got tired from walking around the Center there were a number of panels going on both days that you could attend and learn from. Many focused on local artist and them talking about their experience breaking into the business. These panels generally ran for an hour or two, offering plenty of time for discussion. If you were a writer or artist, the Expo itself was hosting meet ups throughout the day so you could find a writer or an artist for your project.

In the crowd of APE 2010

Overall, Alternative Press Expo gave you the chance to see a wide variety of talent both local and self-publishing and professional. It was a great chance to meet a great number of people who are into art in its many forms as well. There was a lot to see and it took well over an hour just to walk around and take in most of the booths that were on the floor.

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