Guild Wars 2 – Support the troops stationed at Ascalon Settlement

“Train with the troops, honor the fallen, and find ways to raise morale.”

Head across the Lionbridge Expanse and turn to the North. There you will find Ascalon Settlement. Head to the center of town to find Kiryn Brant. She will explain more of what is going on:
Kiryn Brant: “Care to lend a hand? A new face is always welcome. You can raise the troops' spirits, train with them, and honor the fallen. When centaurs attack next – and they will come sooner or later – you'd be doing us a big favor by join in on the defense.”
Hero A) “Keeping morale high must be tough these days. How can I help?”
Kiryn A) “Private Starks is collect care packages from the rest of the villagers for our troops, be sure to bring them back to him. The doc might need some help too. She's in the tent next to Vonne's pit.”
Hero: “Interesting. I had some other questions.”

Hero B) Training with the troops sounds like fun. Where do I sign up?”
Kiryn B) “Caprice Vonne has set up a fighting pit where you can test your mettle. Talk to her if you'd like to know more .”
Hero: “You mentioned something else.”

Hero C) “Where can I pay my respects?”
Kiryn C) “There are candles in the graveyard. We try to keep them lit to remember the fallen. You can also visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the ruins on the north end of town. Just look for the flame atop the tower.”
Hero: “I wanted to ask about something else.”

Hero D) “The centaurs attack a settlement this size?”
Kiryn D) “We've set up patrols to the east and south to hunt their scouts, and sometimes, they chase our soldiers right to the gate. It's only a matter of time before they attack the settlement outright.”

This is a quest you can do almost accidentally while just wandering around. It is largely just from the decent centaur population around that makes it so simple. Wandering to the North or East will put you conflict with them very easily. It is one of the more aggressive, but quick, ways to finish the quest.

Head to the Southeast corner of the town. You will find a shrine dedicated to the Six Gods of Tyria. Interact with them to earn a little progress quickly. Now if you head to the Southwestern part of town you will find a number of different statues. You will find some naysayers around. If you find Doomsayer Senug, start with “I don't need your insanity” and then opt for “Are you threatening me?” You can get some personality choices out of it. Continue to the West to find the Graveyard. Here you will find plenty of candles to light to honor the fallen. It will not take long to light them all and get a lot of good progress along the way.

If you head to the Southwest of Kiryn you will find Caprice Vonne. She has her pit set up. You will find a charm option that lets you learn a little more about Caprice. After that head into the pit itself. Just look for a brawler and talk with them. This will let you fight them. This is not a bad place to grind out the quest. There are plenty of brawlers to be found.

Start up the slope to the North of town. You will find there are a lot of ghost wandering around here. You can talk with them and remind them of what they are doing. This will earn you progress toward completing the quest. When you make it to the top you can interact with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and pay your respects to the fallen.

The final bit, the care packages can be found around the area. You can find them up the stairs to the North of Kiryn Brant. When you do find them bring them back to Ascalon Settlement and take them over to Private Starks who is next to Kiryn Brant.

When you complete the quest you will get the letter, “Ascalon Thanks You” with 1 silver, 46 copper:
“Your help in Ascalon Settlement has made a world of difference. It's good to know there are those who respect our ways, honor our traditions and are willing to help fight for our legacy, regardless of personal opinion. You will not be forgotten – Kiryn Brant”

Return to Kiryn Brant when you can because she will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Ascalonian Warhorn: 210 Karma
Warhorn, Weapon Strength: 227 – 251, +12 Vitality, +17 Condition Damage, Lvl. 29

Ascalonian Shortbow: 315 Karma
Short Bow, Weapon Strength: 252 – 279, +25 Power, +34 Healing Power, Lvl. 29

Ascalonian Warhorn of Force: 420 Karma
Warhorn, Weapon Strength: 247 – 273, +14 Vitality, +19 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 29

Ascalonian Shortbow: 630 Karma
Short Bow, Weapon Strength: 274 – 303, +27 Power, +38 Healing Power, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 29

Memoires of Captain Greywind: 266 Karma
Accessory: +8 Power, +11 Healing Power, lvl. 29

Memoires of Captain Greywind, Unabridged: 525 Karma
Accessory: +8 Power, +12 Healing Power, lvl. 29

Ancient Ebon Vanguard Amulet: 420 Karma
Amulet: +12 Vitality, +17 Condition Damage, Lvl. 29

Ancient Ebon Vanguard Amulet: 840 Karma
Amulet: +14 Vitality, +19 Condition Damage, Lvl. 29