Guild Wars 2 – Rescue fallen Seraph in the Bloodfields

“Acquire a medical kit from the field hospitals adjacent to Nebo Terrace. Treat injured Seraph in the Bloodfields. Guard them as they return to the hospital.”

Head to the West of Nebo Terrace. There you will find Field Medic Leius. He will explain more of what is happening around the Bloodfields:
Field Medic Leius: “Hello. This is the western field hospital; - you'll find another east of here. I'd give you a tour, but we've got injured Seraph to attend.”
Hero: “Can I lend a hand?”
Leius: “Please do! There are injured Seraph out in the field who can't get back here to safety and treatment. Take a medical it and use it to tend their wounds. Stick with them so they get back all right.”

Near Leius you will find a pair of medical kits. Grab one and head to the North into the Bloodfields. These medkits have 3 uses and are good for 9 minutes. Grab one and turn to the Wounded Seraph that are nearby. This can applied to Wounded Seraph soldiers, wherever you find them. They can be found by Leius and the second Field Hospital on the opposite side of Nebo Terrance.

There will be plenty of Seraph soldiers in general who need to be revived. This will be the bread and butter of this quest.

The fields stretch to the North above the Terrace. You will find no storage of other things to do for the quest. There are Skelks making the soldier's lives harder in addition to the rampant Centaurs. There are plenty to fight and get credit from. This will help you complete this quest very quickly.

With this quick renown quest done you will get the letter, “Clear Skies” with 1 silver, 39 copper:
“Nebo Terrance is a much happier place thanks to your influence. Rescuing those Seraph from the Bloodfields has spared many families great sorrow. You're an inspiring individual. Thank you for your help – Field Medic Leius”

Field Medic Leius will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Black Beans in Bulk: 49 Karma
Double-click to unpack 25 Black Beans

Farmer's Rusty Axe: 196 Karma
Axe, Weapon Strength: 227 – 278, +16 Power, +11 Condition Damage, Lvl. 27

Farmer's Rusty Dagger: 196 Karma
Dagger, Weapon Strength: 245 – 260, +11 Power, +16 Healing Power, Lvl. 27

Farmer's Rusty Axe of Force: 392 Karma
Axe, Weapon Strength: 248 – 303, +18 Power, +13 Condition Damage. Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 27

Farmer's Rusty Dagger of Force: 392 Karma
Dagger, Weapon Strength: 267 – 283, +13 Power, +18 Healing Power, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 27

Blemished Ancient Krytan Royal Family Crest: 245 Karma
Accessory: +10 Power, +7 Condition Damage, Lvl. 27

Ancient Krytan Royal Family Crest: 490 Karma
Accessory: +11 Power, +8 Condition Damage, Lvl. 27