Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 – The Mad King's Realm – Lunatic Inquisition

This is a massive cat and mouse style game. You start as a villager and want to avoid going over to the Lunatic's side as long as possible. The Villagers only win if some or one survive to the end of the round. The Courtiers win if they can get all the villagers over to the Mad King's Side. The two sides have very different skills so be aware of that while playing.

Villager Skills
What the villager can do is completely dependent on the items that they find. These very same items can be turned in for bonuses that can help the villagers against the Lunatic Courtiers. You also have a speed advantage over the Courtiers, making it possible, but unlikely, to outrun them. You also do not regenerate health.

One advantage the villagers have over the Mad King is they can collect and turn in items to the collectors in the corners of the map.
Item Skills:
Bone: Turn in at the Northwest corner.
Bone Crack – Range: 130, Stun: 3s

Torch: Turn in at the Northeast corner
Burn – Range 900

Hammer: None
Hammer Smash – Range: 130 (Mighty Smash), Knockback

Spiderweb: Turn in at the Southeast corner
Throw Web – Range: 900, Immobilize: 4s

Black Goo:  Turn in at the Southwest
Throw Goo – Range: 900, Blindness: 4s

Consume to restore health

Hide for 10s, as long a you stand still.

Lunatic Courtiers Skills:
These are all combat oriented and meant to torment and drive the villagers over to insanity and the Mad King's side. You will now have health regeneration but you will move slowly. The advantages are much more than that. As the ghost you will be able to use the teleporters to quickly move around the area. You will also be able to beseech the Mad King at particular locations to force the villagers to perform an emote. The items are now used as traps. Careful use them can turn the tide against the villagers easily.

Chop: “Deliver three hits to your foe”
Range: 130, Cooldown: 1.5s

Eviscerate: “Leap at your foe with a devastating attack.”
Range: 300, Combo Finisher: Leap, Activation: 3/4s, Cooldown: 10s

Terrifying Screech: “Inflict fear with a loud shout.”
Range: 300, Activation: 3/4s, Cooldown: 15

Plant Scarecrow/Shadow Walk:
Plant Scarecrow: “Summon a scarecrow to terrify villagers. You can teleport to your scarecrow, though it doubles the recharge time.”
Range: 1,400, Targeted, creates scarecrow at location, Fears
Shadow Walk: “Teleport to your scarecrow. This doubles the recharge time.”
Both will Break stun.

Courtier Items:
The Courtiers can use the items a well. They will take the items and turn them into traps that can be used against the villagers. These traps are:
Bone Trap: “Bury a bone, binding you to the location. When triggered you will be teleported back.”

Fire Trap: “Lay a firetrap to burn villagers.”

Spider Web:
Web Trap: “Lap a trap that immobilizes villagers”

Black Goo:
Ink Trap: “Ink your targets, causing them to leave a trail only you can see.”

Fake Banquet: “Create a fake banquet to poison villagers.”