Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 – The Mad King's Realm – Reaper Rumble's

This is a resource management and combat game. Your goal is to wipe out the opposing team's mausoleums. They are on opposite ends of a field where you will find pumpkins. These pumpkins are used to swamp skeletons from your mausoleums. This can help a lot.

You will be equipped in your PvP gear. If you have not equipped it, take a moment to head to the Mists and equip it. You will last a lot longer than you would any other way.

By taking these back to one of your team's mausoleums you can spawn a number of skeletons that will aid your team. You need to throw the pumpkin into the mausoleum to trigger the skeletons' spawning. Coordinate your carrying one with, with a farmer bringing one in (or giving one to a farmer). These are a great help when things are looking tight or you are starting an offensive with your team.

When you are inside the corn fields you are hidden. You cannot be seen by the other team at all which is a great travel advantage. Using this you can easily make it from your end of the field over to their side. While you are engaged with this game you will find yourself with these skills:

Chop: Chop your foe
Range: 130
Shoot: Shoot your foe
Range 900, Combo finisher: Physical Projectile

Leap: “Leap at your foe”
Range: 400, Activation: 3/4s, Cooldown: 8s

Axe Spin: “Attack and cripple foes around you.”
Range: 130, Combo Finisher: Whirl, Activation: 1/2s, Cooldown: 8s

Shoot: “Shoot your target.”
Range: 900, Activation: 1/2s, Cooldown: 5s

Aimed Shot: “Shoot your target.”
Range: 900, Combo Finisher: Projectile, Activation: 1/2s, Cooldown: 12s

Raw Candy Corn: “Eat to recover.”
Range: 900, Combo Finisher: Projectile, Cooldown: 12s

This removes the class variance from the field of combat completely. It does give everyone equal footing a everyone will have the same skills. The only difference will be who can get more Skeletons going on their side. It is very competitive but it is a lot of fun.