Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 – The Mad King's Realm – The Clocktower

With the second phase of the week-long celebration in effect it is time to seek out the Mad Realm itself. You must first help with some of the events are happening in the surrounding area. When you see that people can enter the Mad King's Realm you will find the Haunted Doors are now stationary and you can go through them. Once inside the Mad King's Realm you can easily travel to one of three locations: The Mad King's Clocktower, the Lunatic Inquisition or the Reaper Rumble.

The Mad King's Clocktower
This is the King of all Jumping Puzzles. Your goal is to rush forward, jumping the gaps and trying to stay ahead of the slime creeping up on the tower a you climb higher and higher. You start at the base of the tower with everyone else who is interested. You must wait for the gauge to fill completely to begin your ascent. As you climb you need to stay out of the slime as much as possible. Prolonged exposure will call out some skeletal hands that will yank you down and set you back at the start of the tower.

Here are a few helpful hints:
Turn off Camera Shake – It smooths things out on a very difficult jumping puzzle.

Turn off Double-tap to dodge – Be sure to turn it back on, if used, after the attempts. It is very possible to wind up rolling off the tower and into the goo below. It can happen and happen a lot.

You start with some basic jumping with a lot of running. When you reach the first floating gear you need to wait. Eventually, when the slime is close, fragments will break off the tower. At this point hang to the center and move upwards, just running and jumping. This helps you avoid getting stuck which is very easy. You must move quickly as there is a level portion of the track and you need to cross it quickly to avoid getting pulled back to the start. From there it is just a mad scramble for the top. Expect it to be very hard to deal it from start to finish. This will sound strange, but avoid jumping at times, you move faster. You also do not need to wait for something to stop moving before you can jump onto it. Just keep moving and you will have a chance at getting through the maze and to the top.

This will take a number of tries and easily over an hour to get. If you make it, great, enjoy your victory.