Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012  Mad Memoires X: Tax-o'-Lanterns

Site #8 “The landing at Arca struggles to fill its storeroom so it will never starve again.”
The path to reach Rufus in the Seraph Landing

Head into Greystone Rise in the Harathi Hinterlands. March toward the Seraph Landing Point close to the Northern end of the map. Once inside the encampments head over to the West and go up the stairs. Once you make it to the top, turn to the South and look for the Storeroom. Inside you will find a pumpkin sitting none too far from the entrance. Use the #4, Etheric Scan, to reveal the suspicious location on the pumpkin by you. This will trigger a scene that reveals Rufus. Afterward talk with him to learn what is happening:
Rufus: “The people had just begun calling him Mad King Thorn. He would yell for no apparent reason, and his jokes … Oh, those horrifying jokes that made him laugh. The nickname stuck for good the day of the Tax Massacre.”
Hero: “What happened?”
Rufus: “He rounded up anyone with unpaid taxes, put pumpkins on their heads instead of hoods, and hanged them on the walls. The pumpkins rotten ...”
Hero: “Thanks. I'll make a record of your story.”

This will give you Mad Memoires X: Tax-o'-Lanterns, “In which the king makes an example of ungrateful peasants.”
The hint it gives is:
Site #9 “Green is the color I want to remember. Not the red of flames of the blackened plateau. The bridge, even it was green.”