Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012  Mad Memoires IX: Pains of Love

Site # 7 “These old bones are caught in the gullet, where laughing rises from sorrow.”
The path to follow to fnd Bennu from Stormbluff Waypoint

Head on out to the Bloodtide Coast, this is to the South of Lion's Arch via the Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint. You want to head out to the West to the Laughing Gull Waypoint. It is on the second island to the West of the coat itself. Head to the Northern end of the island and turn West of that and find the sunken ship.

Alternatively, you can head to the West from the Stormbluff Waypoint. It will lead over to the Ship just by heading to the West. There you can find the first ship to the West of the Islands that shows up on the map. Hop onto it and head to the helm.

Once on it use the Scan #1, Aqueous, to find a suspicious location on the boat itself. This will trigger the appearance of a haunted door. This will trigger the release of 3 waves of Haunting Monsters … at level for the area. Low levels, cower and hide while some people higher level deal with the released monsters.

Once the monsters are dead then Seamarshal Bennu will appear to relate his tale to you:
Bennu: “He was a prickly barnacle, that Oswald Thorn. I opposed his marriage to my daughter and would have attacked Lion's Arch to get her back.”
Hero: “What happened?”
Bennu: “The salty conniver kidnapped me! He threatened to kill me if Zola didn't marry him. She believed him, as did I, so to save my life, she agreed to be his queen.”
Hero: “Did he kill you?”
Bennu: “No. Once they were married, he set me free, but the tables were turned. I could take no action against him because he had my daughter in his clutches – until he tired of her.”
Hero: “What do you mean?”
Bennu: “I'll never forget the day I got the news. In anger, Thorn had ordered her tied to a stake and burned. Within the hour, I'd ordered my entire fleet to his doorstep. Never have I lost a more satisfying way.”
Hero: “Thanks. I'll make a record of your story.”

All this will get you Mad Memoires IX: Pains of Love, “In which Zola's father is afforded special hospitality during her engagement to King Thorn.”

It comes with the hint:
Site #8 “The landing at Arca struggles to fill its storeroom so it will never starve again.”