Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 Mad Memoires VIII: Feast and Famine

Site #6: “This hinterland village was home to a goddess and a martyr”
Fenn's Location in the Tomb of the Martyr in the Harathi Hinterlands

Time to head into the Harathi Hinterlands. It is here you will be able to find the Martyr's Tomb to the West. It is in the center region, to the South of the Seraph Landing Waypoint. If you can make it to the Demetra Waypoint, you will be a lot closer to your goal. Remember, for 6 silver or 150 Candy Corn, you can get a special skin for some weapons in Lion's Arch that vastly increases your damage if you are having a lot of trouble with these memoires.

Head to the West of the Ruins of Holy Demetra Waypoint and into the Tomb to the North of you. Press past all the Angry ghosts. There are a good number so try to go in a big group. Fight your way over to the West, turning North. Do not go into the first tomb, directly to the North. Instead head to the Northeast and into the second tomb. There you will want to call up your Candy-powered Meter and use #3 Etheric Scan. This will reveal Fenn and his dying wife.

Fenn: “After a drought killed our crops, we begged King Thorn to lower taxes so we could buy food. He just laughed it off and told us to go eat candy corn.”
Hero: “Thanks. I'll make a record of your story.”

You get the following page:
Mad Memoires VIII: Feast and Famine, “In which the Mad King cries, 'Let them eat candy corn!'”

It comes with the hint:
Site #7 “These old bones are caught in the gullet, where laughing rises from sorrow.”