Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012: Haunted Door Locations – Queensdale

When it comes to grinding out 2 of the achievements for this Halloween event there is really only a few places you can go. While it seems like it would be translated across the whole of the Tryia, it focuses in on where the Mad King Thorn himself held sway.

The first place to really look to find these elusive doors is in Queensdale, the Human starting area south of the Divinity's Reach. The doors can spawn in 1 of 6 locations it seems. They linger around for a while so you can open them. It is when you open them that the dice are rolled.
A Single Mob – Candy Corn Elemental, Plastic Spider or Skeleton, or a Gargoyle . The door will close quickly.
Trick Or Bag – Loot to receive a Trick or Treat Bag.
Mob – A Mob of Plastic Spiders will appear and attack.
Veteran Skeleton – A tougher skeleton appears and attacks.
Nothing – the Door will open and close, with nothing happening. Give it a moment and try again.

These are all based around the Orchard Waypoint in the Western part of Queensdale. It can appear in a total of 4 locations. 3 are outside around the Orchard. While the final location is inside the Bandithaunt.

Location 1: To the East of the Orchard
Location of the Haunted Door to the East of the Orchard Waypoint

Location 2: To the Northeast of the Orchard
Location of the Haunted Door to the Northeast of the Orchard Waypoint

Location 3: Northern Edge of Pinion Pass
Location of the Haunted Door at the Northern End of Pinion Pass

Location 4: Inside Bandit Haven
The Haunted Door Location inside the Bandithaven

Location 5: To the Southwest of the Windmill
Haunted Door Location rtothe Southwest of the Windmill

Location 6: To the Northeast of the Pipes
Haunted Door Location rtothe Northeast of the Pipes