Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 Mad Memoires Part 5: Coronation

Site 5 – Find Provernic, where the first king's bones rot in the hills.

Location of Lord Farren in the Provernic Crypt

It is time to head into the Gendarran Fields and make your way over to the Provernic Crypt in the North. Gendarran Fields is to the East of Kessex Hills. You must head into the field and press onto the East then turn to the Northeast at Ascalon Settlement, toward the northern shore of Lake Gendarran. If you have access to the Proven Shores waypoint, you will be very close to the starting point for this part of the quest.

Head to the West and North into the Provernic Crypt. Move carefully as the crypt's entrance has a number of fire spouts determined to roast you. Just beyond them you have 3 lvl. 32 translucent oozes that will attack you. Defeat them and move to the steps to the North of you. You have 2 more fire spouts but there are also traps. Look at the floor and notice the red circles. You do not want to step into those either. Roll on through and move carefully with these and get over to the Northern wall. This will put you out of range of the traps. Continue on to the East and through the chamber.

In the next chamber, if you are unlucky, there will be a lvl. 32 champion Cave Spider waiting for you. Help defeat the spider if needed, grab a boulder and head in, making for the passage to the North of the chamber the spider started in. Once again, be careful of the traps in the floor. They do a lot of damage. Use the boulders to open the door to the North by placing them on the pressure plates in the Southern part of the area.

Now you will be in a room with a treasure chest. You will also notice a mysterious rock. Do not interact with this until you are ready to leave. Use the gaseous scan near the chest to reveal 2 skeletons and Lord Humphrey Faren. Chase him down, going into the corner of the room and talk with him:
Lord  Humphrey Faren: “I am forever tied to Prince Oswald with bitter cords that wear upon my soul. And I promise you, one day, he will pay for his crimes against Kryta. I tried once, tried to bring him to justice and failed.”
Hero: “What happened?”
Lord  Humphrey Faren: “I was out of my head with rage on the day of his coronation. I knew he'd murdered his father, and I publicly accused him before the ceremony. He had me put in shackles and made me watch as he was crowned.”
Hero: “What did he do then?”
Lord  Humphrey Faren: “He made his first royal decree, proclaiming that all traitors be punished without delay. He named me a traitor, and they cut my head off on the spot.”
Hero: “Thanks. I'll make a record of your story.”

When you finish you will receive Mad Memoires VI: Coronation, “In which His Royal Madness ascends to the Kyrtan throne and wields his first decree.”
It contained the hints:
Site 2 – Search the dead streets and forgotten thoroughfares of another lion arch.
Site 3 – Say more now and look more where Kryta's descendents are buried.

With that you will be good to return to Tassi in Lion's Arch and complete this quest:
Magister Tassi: “Ah, 'Hero's name!' How progresses the hunt for the Mad King's biography?”
Hero: “I've collected all six stories! I'm ready to complete the biography.”
Tassi: “Brillant! Mm, yes, okay … here we go. Yes. Your pages fit in perfectly. I'll have the completed biography to you straight away.”
Hero: “Thank you!
You will receive a copy of the book Mad Memoires, a cape accessory that can be equipped and give  +4 Toughness and +3 Condition damage. You will also notice, between Tassi's letter and the book itself, there is a second volume. Just where it is, we do not know yet.