Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 Mad Memoires Part 5: Betrothed

Site 4 – Go to the hills and set down black roots in stagnant water.

lady Lyrica's location in the Blackroot Cut Marsh

Closing in on the final few chapters of the Memoires. You need to head into Kessex Hills for the next one, into the Blackroot Cut. You will find Kessex Hills to the South of Queensdale. Use the Delanian Waypoint, in the Northeast, to get close quickly. Now head to the Northern edge of the marsh.

There you will find a number of tombstones. Head past them and to the left, past the little shelter. You will find some coffins to the left of the shelter. Use the meter's etheric scan to trigger a suspicious location at the foot of one of the coffins. Interact with it to make a skeleton appear and point toward the nearby island.

Head over to the East and up the slope to the ruins at the top of it. There, use the Meter's corporeal scan function to reveal the Lady Lyrica. Talk with her to learn what became of her:
Lady Lyrica: “Oh, woe. I fell for Oswald's sweet words. He said I could continue Ewan's good work once I was queen. But after we were married, he changed, and I had to get away from him.”
Hero: “What happened?”
Lady Lyrica: “Oswald became … cruel, so I planned a summer in the country, visiting my sister. I was en route when brigands attacked us.”
Hero: “Did they harm you?”
Lady Lyrica: “As I breathed my last, I heard them laughing about their double payoff: my jewels and the gold the king had paid them to assassinate me.”
Hero: “Thanks. I'll make a record of your story.”

This will give you Mad Memoires V: Betrothed, “In which King Oswald Thorn, the new heir to the throne, chooses his queen.”
It also contains the following hints:
Site 3 – Say more now and look more where Kryta's descendents are buried.
Site 5 – Find Provernic, where the first king's bones rot in the hills.